2 mag 2013

just a family day on the beach...

 in italy the first of may is a national holiday: the workers day. giulio just came back from dubai so we decided to spend the day in a famous seaside city near where we live: jesolo. my relationship with sea is of pure love: i need to see the sea and put my feet in the sand at least every 3-4 months and i think zoeti has the same feeling! we spent a perfect day: the sun was shining for the most part of the day, it was warm but not too hot, zoeti found some playmates, we had a picnic, ate gelato, walked a lot... and coming back, while zoeti was sleeping, i finally had some time to talk with giulio... when you have a kid is always tricky to find a moment to actually talk with your partner and i almost forgot how funny we are together and how much we need to focus on our couple sometime!

PS: i bought a new lens for my D90: 85mm 1/8... terrific!! these are the first shots!

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