24 nov 2011

walking around...

last sunday we spent the morning walking around. it was such a beautiful day! so warm... this november is one of the best i've never lived! some days seems to be spring and not almost winter!

and my zoeti sleeps so well in the stroller! ;)

19 nov 2011

work in progress...

so.... the ceramic course is still going on, and that's what i'm doing now!

it's amazing seeing how to create something with your own hands... even for somebody as hopeless as me! ;)
next time: painting! Christmas is coming and these hearts are supposed to be part of the decorations...

8 nov 2011

Miki house

that's the newest in zoeti's closet... i love miki house stuff! my japanese sister-in-law made me know this brand and now i'm crazy for it! such colorful and happy stuff... i'm looking forward to go to the states again and go for baby shopping!

2 nov 2011


so... now i'm a mom so i HAVE to become a good chef! that's why i'm asking recipes here and there... last week i asked to a friend how to make muffins without butter (i'm still trying to lose my baby fat) and that's the result. i'm very proud because they are good and light, even if i put some chocolate on the top (i gotta eat something!) 

now i'm ready for special salty muffins and cup cakes!