29 feb 2012

last day at home..

tomorrow i have to go back to work... new ward, new colleagues... but most important no more zoeti all day long... that's the worst part! i knew that this day would come but i was so happy being with my baby all day long! sometimes i've tought "ok, i want some time just for me... talking with somebody who can actually answer... i'm looking forward to go back to work" but now... i can only think of all the things that she'll learn without me...

the good part is that i'm working part time until she'll turn one year! wow.... i have to start thinking of her first birthday party!!! any suggestions?

mmm.... i made a to-do list some days ago of all the stuff i wanted to do before going back to work... remember? (link here to see the post)
let's see:
# movies: i've seen blow up and the sting but no other classics...instead i've seen the last one of Sarah Jessica Parker ( i don't know how she does it ) 'cause i thought it would be appropriate for me in this moment! It's a great comedy...

# books: the girl who played with fire: done!
              the great gatsby: just the first 15 pages... :(((

# clean the wardrobes: yes yes and yes!!! I'm so proud of me!! Now left only that of my husband... ;)

# clean the old barbies for zoeti: yep!

# learn to sew: i'm working on it... stay tuned! i'll share something as soon as i'll make it

26 feb 2012

trip to Chioggia...

fancy boat

fish market

Pellestrina island
 last week i've thought of all the places near where i live that i haven't seen yet. i've travelled a lot but, as always, what it's near and easy to reach it's not interesting enough! Chioggia is our first short-distance trip. it's a small city near venice and very similar to venice but not so crowded. actually, i think it's better: cheaper, cleaner, no tourists, people are very kind and the fish is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! the weather has been perfect, a kind of early spring, and we had fun with zoeti. from chioggia you can take a ferry (first time for zoeti!!!)  to reach pellestrina island, a small fishing village with colorful cottages, and go to Venice.
can't wait to spend another weekend away with my family!

21 feb 2012

we love you

this morning i've been to the weekly market where i used to live before getting married. i don't particulary like these kind of market but the weather was so warm, zoeti was all smiling , that i decided to take a ride. when i go to these markets i always buy flowers. i LOVE  walking around with a bunch of flower in my hand... so i bought these yellow and white tulips.

when Giulio has come home for dinner i decided to prepare a little surprise for him... i'm not always happy at the end of the day, because of houseworks or baby's scream, so he doesn't have always a proper "welcome home daddy" smile. that's why this evening he had a "we love you" dinner, with music, candle, wine and my tulips of course!

20 feb 2012

9 months...

carnival parade

yesterday we've been to a small carnival parade. first experience for zoeti and the reaction has been... quite bad! too loud and crowed and she doesn't like painting faces! she started screaming after a while so we left. coming back, when the parade was over and almost all the people were gone, she has looked curiously at the big carnival wagons and we made some pics... maybe next year, when she'll be grown up...

That's the smurfs wagon... she is still worried and frightened from confetti and painted faces, but at least she doesn't cry!

19 feb 2012

leeks cake

that's a recipe i didn't cooked for a very long time (i wonder why!). it's easy, fast and ...yummy!

you need a roll puff pastry, make the base with 5 nuts and 5 slices of toasted bread (minced) then put stew leeks mixed with cheese (i've used stracchino and feta). 20 min in the oven and it's ready!

17 feb 2012

oh oh, an owl on the feet!

i've bought this adorable shoes on internet a couple of days ago and they finally arrived! made with soft leather, variety of patterns.. i already love starchild !!

now my little toddler is ready!

15 feb 2012

from japan...

maybe i've already mentioned that my sister-in-law is japanese... well, her parents are two of the most kind people i've ever met and they gave hospitality to us during our trip in Japan a couple of years ago. since then we write sometimes and me and my husband think of them as the japanese part of our family! yesterday we received a present for zoeti from them: miki house socks (very cute) and some baby bibs! they are soooooo kind!!!

Arigatō gozaimasu Otōsan and Okāsan!

12 feb 2012

a snowy sunday

no words just pictures for this lovely day!

to-do list

in a couple of weeks i have to come back to work so i really need a plan of attack!
that's my to-do list for the next 18 days:

# see at least 4 movies that i've bought and never seen ( blow up, the sting, how to steal a million, some marilyn monroe's classic...) - i LOVE watching old movies but during the pregnancy i was always narcoleptic and now... well now i can see movies 1 hour per day, during zoeti's nap....

# end reading the girl who played with fire and the great gatsby -  for the past two years i've bought at least 15 books and now half of them are staring angrily at me, wondering if i remember of them!

# clean the three wardrobes (and this is alone a to-do list!!). that's something that i usually do on spring... but it's better if i do it a little bit in advance this year!

# clean the old barbies for zoeti: she loves dolls, especially with long hair... we used to have two of them on the sides of the tent, in the kitchen, but i convinced my husband that zoeti's room is a more appropriate place...!!

# learn to sew: i have some projects in my mind and i really want them to become real, but i need a sew machine and a teacher... Mom... i need your help!!

ok, there's a looooot to do and i'll be happy even if i'll make just half of them... no, that's not the right attitude barbara! c'mon, roll up your sleeves!!

10 feb 2012

a break...

there's day like today when i REALLY need a break... zoeti is teething so she's incredibly  annoyed... plus she has learned to stand right so i have to watch her step by step...

i really really need a break!

orange juice, green tea and homemade carrot cake


yesterday has been a very hectic day... lots to do and to think about...
but the very special moment of the day has been my little angel saying mamma...

a simple word that every parent waits to listen... the most beautiful word for every mom in the world..

shhh... she's sleeping right now....

5 feb 2012

shopping time

that's what's new into my baby's closet... cloth diapers! i have visited a lot of websites during the pregnancy but... first child, none of my friends have children... but now that zoeti is 8 and i can handle the situation, i planned to use cloth diapers.
i already had 4 but i decided to buy more diapers and try the full time adventure! i'm happy of my decision for ecological and economical reason and for my baby's healthy.

and... they're so cool, don't you think?!

i bought them to mammaecologica and Silvia (the owner) is soooooooo kind! you can chat with skype and ask her everything you want!

now i'm waiting for summer... to show my baby's diapers!!

3 feb 2012

dinner with my friend

yesterday i had my first free night (without zoeti and husband) since my princess was born! i felt exciting and guilty at the same time, but ... hey i'm still a girl, a friend, not only a mom!
my dear friend Eli and me had a japanese dinner (a very good one actually) and we enjoyed very much! i see my friends quite often but it's strange (in a good way) talking with them without baby's interruptions!

 later we've been to this place, where they often have music (unfortunately not yesterday night). the atmosphere was a great mix between cozy, romantic and urban...

1 feb 2012

just a break...

a slice of whole bread, some ricotta cheese, fig jam and a coffee... watching the snow that is finally come! i'm looking forward to see zoeti's face when she'll wake up and see everything white!