21 mag 2013

Happy birthday Zoe Tiare!

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i can’t believe she’s already 2! she’s learning so many things and changing so fast… we decided to have two birthday parties: one yesterday with all our family (we’re very closed with our uncles, aunts and cousins…) and another one next sunday with friends. find a space for 24 people is never easy and make it kind of cozy and nice was very hard! her theme this year is red & white and believe me… i have done my very best! i’ll show you the decorations after sunday (just 10 people, my living room, kids… sounds better right?) but we had fun yesterday and i want to share some of that moments with you!
the preparation was… demanding: my back is hurting lately so it’s not easy to find the energy to create paper crown or go four times to a supermarket because every time i forgot something!
i made 3 cakes: strawberry tiramisù! i love that my daughter’s cake is something handmade by me but… it took me almost 3 hours!! but as tired as i was yesterday, seeing her so happy playing with my cousin’s daughter and giving kisses to everybody, is all i ever wanted!
i love you, sweety!
ready for the party! // she loves baloons // unwrapping //  us // with my in-laws // with my parents // tasting the cake // with my cousin’s daughter (how lovely is she?!)

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