30 nov 2013

advent calendar: done!

this year i played in advance, took it super easy and i’ve done it! my first advent calendar is ready!! i’m very excited because even if it is very simple, i made it by myself (with a little help from my daddy but he has offered!) and it is not fill with just chocolate and sweets. there are activities such as hand painting, candlelight dinner, there are movie nights and treasure hunts to find four new christmas books i’ve bought for our library.
i hope zoeti will enjoy her daily surprises as much as i loved make them!
DSC_2276  DSC_2311 DSC_2274  DSC_2281

27 nov 2013

Spelt and oat biscuits

photo 2 (1)
Breastfeeding makes me very very hungry and even if I try to eat as much fruits as possible,the only thing I really crave for are sweets! I'm lucky enough to share this passion with a friend and new mama so when she finds recipes with low sugar and no butter she email me.
These biscuits are healthy and delicious! The recipe comes from ribes e cannella (Italian food blog) but I changed something: I used regular milk instead of oat milk, almonds instead of hazelnuts and half of the dose of sugar (but I added more honey).
No need to say that I love them and so do my husband!

photo 2 (2) 
The recipe is (my version):
50 gr of brown sugar
70 gr of honey
50 gr of corn oil
100 ml of milk
50gr of almonds (coarsely chopped)
100 gr of chocolate (chopped)
100 gr oatmeal
250 gr of spelt flour
1 spoon of baking powder

Bake 20 mins at 180° C

photo 5

25 nov 2013



"a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: you helped daddy with Alma’s crib and then you absolutely wanted to lie down inside, pretending it’s yours… always balancing jealousy and kindness, big girl’s attitudes and baby’s behaviors.

Alma Aiko: since we believe in bed-sharing (at least for the first months) this crib is just for naps… if you ever decide to take a nap somewhere else but mommy’s arms! at least you’re enjoying  the bees!

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20 nov 2013

Morning routine with two kids

Waking up and have a toddler and a newborn to deal with in no time can be a little... scary!
Alma has nearly four months and I have created my own routine and I have few tips to share with you!

First. Play in advance.  I try to prepare (or at least think about) what the girls are going to wear the day after. And prepare the diaper bag! I forget always something so i can't imagine what could happen running with a baby in my arms and a screaming toddler to grab some diapers and a dress. I bet I'd have diapers just for one daughter or three pair of pants and no shirt!

Second. Work with the kids.  if you can’t beat them, join them. When I tell somebody about my hectic mornings, the answer is always "why don't you wake up before them?" Yes, it would be easy, if only they wake up around the same time!! Zoeti loves surprising me by waking up one morning around seven and the morning after around eight. So if I really want to wake up before her I need to wake up at six... But that's the time when I breastfeed alma!
So the plan is: let's do everything all together! I have breakfast with Zoeti while breastfeeding Alma. Then we move to the bathroom all together: I change Alma's diaper while Zoeti washes her hands and face, we brush our teeth together and then Alma watch us while I dress Zoeti. The truth is that moving all together is hard (I sit Alma on a little chair which is quite heavy to move) but if I leave someone in the other room she will cry in 5 sec! So I prefer this way: when it's breakfast time everyone eats and when we get out the bathroom everyone is clean and dressed.

Third: Keep calm and ... Smile!  My friends know that I'm not that type of person that face the unexpected easily... I'm a Virgo after all and organization is my second name... But when you have kids you change! A lot! So if we are ready to get out, I've already put the coat on Alma (and she's already crying), Zoeti has the shoes on and I'm ready to close the door, well that's the moment when somebody tell me "I have to pee"... The first times I was... like "what? Are you kidding?!" But now my reaction is "ok... Let me undress Alma, take off your and my shoes, and your clothes, and close the door, and we'll go to the toilet" ! very zen! Ok, my reaction is not ALWAYS this one... But if I start yelling the result is a screaming baby and a crying - screaming - stubborn toddler: a disaster!

Fourth: let somebody - whosoever! - helps you!   Really, everybody! A couple of weeks ago I was to the playground and Zoeti asked me to go to the swing. I couldn't because I had Alma crying on my arms, so a daddy helped me and pushed her! There are very good people out there so let them help you!

Fifth: eat chocolate!   Ok...maybe this one works only for me but when I'm exhausted and the girls are screaming, I eat some chocolate and everything starts to get better!

18 nov 2013

my diy owl

when i started my sewing course, i wanted to learn to sew dresses. i could dream about create dresses perfect for me and for my daughters… the truth is that one single course it is not nearly enough to draw and sew a whole outfit! but it is enough to understand something about sewing! i have seen this owl (and bought the template) when i have been to abilmente with my cousin and we wait all these months to actually make it (hello unfinished projects!). it was a funny morning, chatting, having coffees, playing with alma and sewing.
Untitled-3  DSC_2224DSC_2221 
now i really want to sew other stuffed animals and dolls…. stay tuned!

17 nov 2013


DSC_2229DSC_2240  "a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: in the morning, with your dummy, your hat, your blanket and your cough. again.

Alma Aiko: in your daddy’s hand, grabbing and tasting everything and everyone…

from the past week: these joyful portraits (and wise words) and these two portraits at the window (theo & leah’s daughter)

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14 nov 2013

MOM’S THOUGHTS - And then came the jealousy

We tried to do everything we could to facilitate the change in a big sister for Zoeti and the first couple of months it worked. We read books about being a big sister, created a photo album with pictures of Zoeti when she was newborn, let her touch and hold the baby since the very beginning...
But then came the jealousy.
Nothing unexpected... And nothing unmanageable. She started pointing out what she, mammy and daddy have in common (I have teeth, mammy has teeth, daddy has teeth. Alma no) or what she can eat (no Alma cookies). There were tantrums (we're also in the 'terrible twos' ) and small regressions (I can't wear my shoes by myself).
As I have said nothing unmanageable. But her eyes... She is suffering and I can see that. I'm looking for answers, asking to everybody in my situation what to do. I made a big mistake thinking that her beloved daddy could take my place. Yes, she loves daddy and she's always looking for him, but I'm her mommy and she needs me.  Yesterday I asked my mom to go for a walk with Alma and I did the same alone with Zoeti. It was incredible! We laughed and watched some rabbits in an animal shop. I started singing a song and discovered that she already knows that.
She's an amazing, sensible little girl and I really need to spend more time alone with her, not only for her but for me too!
I'm reading this book about the relationship between brothers and sisters and I've found some good advices. Nothing clamorous but for an only child like me, everything can be useful!
:: verbalize what your child is trying to tell you. Sometimes a two years old can't say what's the matter. Help him to give a name to situations or feelings can help him.
:: respect his feelings, without trivialize or minimize them.
:: let him cry! It's a way to vent his feelings.
:: show him empathy saying " I know that you are sad/angry/ disappointed"
:: try to explain him with simple worlds why he can't or must do a certain thing.
:: find a compromise. Do not say just 'no'... Try to find another moment or another activity.
:: stay calm. Screaming and get angry make things worst.
:: use the 'positive reinforcement', instead of pointing out when he does something wrong, praise him when he does something good.
As I said, easy but useful tips that I'm trying to follow.
And something else I just discovered: the more time and attention you give to your child, the more her/his behavior gets better. I know that it's obvious but when you try it and see that it works, you feel so better!

11 nov 2013


"a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"
Zoe Tiare: you love singing happy birthday and this week was grandma’s turn
Alma Aiko: you rolled for the first time this week!!
my favorites of the past week are: jane mabel , one claire day and this little life.

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8 nov 2013

cows, calves & co.

we’re lucky enough to live in a place where children can see a cow or a sheep in real. yesterday i took my girls (and a zoeti’s friend and her mama) to a farm near where i used to live: la greppia’s farm. i know the owners and they’ve been so kind to let us visit the farm, see the milking and feed some young calves!
i discovered few weeks ago that zoeti knows where the milk comes from… i was surprised! she doesn’t know only about the cows but she showed me which part of the cows actually make the milk! she loves cows and we always stop to see calves when we buy milk. most of farms near here have vending machines for milk, open 24/7, and that’s where we stop to see calves and co.
so here we are, all the four of us (plus alma but she slept all. the. time.) at 5pm to see the milking! i have to say that was the first time also for me!
- no more stools and milking by hand, but computer and technology! -
- let’s bring the milk to the newborn calves! (the cutest little helpers i have ever seen!!) -
bye bye cows!!

6 nov 2013

stuffed peppers


According to one of my last post, I want to learn more vegetarian dishes. I'm not going to quit eating meat, let's be realistic, but eat it just once or twice per week will be a success.
On Saturday we had some friends for dinner and we prepared a risotto with pumpkin and radicchio. The combination was very tasty! Like always I made too much risotto and I thought of a new way to use it: stuffed peppers.
It's very easy even if not so quick (preparing the rice - if you don't have it already - requires 18 mins and then you have to cook the peppers).

photo (5)
I put the peppers with the rice in the oven at 180°C for one hour.

photo (2)


4 nov 2013

a handmade project

one of my goal for these last two months is finish all my projects. i am always so eager to start but then i loose my way…
i started this blanket 5 months ago (!) and finally it is finished! I thought about something that can grow with the family… i can add new squares every year until it will be big enough for my little girls.
DSC_1815 DSC_2395 DSC_2389  
so far it’s perfect for alma.
i love even the imperfections (there are tons of them obviously!!) and the way i combined all the pieces: i already knew that i was not able to do so in a clean and orderly manner so i simply made it with random dots. the effect is strange but i like it very much!

2 nov 2013



foto (8) "a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: “what are you doing?” 

i am collecting leaves… one for mama, one for daddy, one for talle (herself), one for alma and…one for the hat! (her friend, an old hat that she brings always with her)”

Alma Aiko: your first halloween. it is not an italian tradition but your american uncles gave you this minnie costume and i bought the ears. you were so cute! (sorry … another iphone picture…)

my favorite last weeks are: this black and white from “before my eyes”, the perspective in “and baby makes three” and the sweet light in jessica leanne’s portraits.


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