about me...

I'm the proud (and sometimes tired) mum of a beautiful baby-girl, called Zoe Tiare (zoeti for short), trying to understand how to be a mother, a wife and a woman all togheter!

I love reading, writing, taking pictures, swimming (everything related with water actually!) and laughing with my family. Since when i met my husband we've travelled a lot: Australia, Perù, Equador, Thailandia, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, USA, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Easter Island (where the second name of my baby comes!). I don't think it's a passion... it's more a way to be... we need to see different places as we need to breath! We're looking forward to start travelling again with our little zoeti!!


if you want to ask me something or just say "hi" send me an email here (barbaradallavia AT gmail DOT com)

thank you for visiting!

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment on my blog.
    I agree with you on the travel front - for some of us it is just a way of life. Its been so hard having 3 children in such a short amount of time. I haven't travelled overseas for 3 years. I feel like I am choking! Lucky we will soon be on our road trip around Australia.
    I look forward to hearing of your adventures with Zoeti.

  2. I just had a look at your blog. Love the look of your site! Love the pictures! Beautiful!


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