31 dic 2011

the beginning of the end... of the year!

That's the sweetest way to begin every day: pancakes, maple sirup, orange juice, coffee and my two loves!

The perfect way to begin the last day of my best year ever!

Happy New Years Eve, everybody! :)

28 dic 2011

hearts: completed! :)

that's the result of my ceramic work... i'm proud of them even if the color hasn't filled the whole hearts. i was undecided between red and white for a very long time and now my hearts have them both! perfect!!

i want to make more hearts soon... for next christmas... i love them!

23 dic 2011

christmas presents...

I found this original and ecological idea for presents... It's easy to make (if even I can do it you can believe me!) and the outcome is very nice!

you have just to cut some pages in stripes of 2 cm (i've chosen a very fashion one) and make 2 propellers

 and then create the bow...

 and that's the result!

I'm proud of that!!

9 dic 2011

Christmas time...

yesterday we made the christmas tree... finally a big one! now that we have zoeti we need a real one, not the pink -10cm tall that we had until last year! we decided to started with a new tradition: every 8th december we'll prepare christmas decoration and cookies! we're looking forward to have a ... little help!

i made chocolate cookies and honey cookies. next time i'll made some classic gingerbread cookies! finger crossed! ;)

have a nice month everybody!

5 dic 2011

delicious appetizers

saturday evening some friends have come for dinner and these were the appetizers: brioches with salmon and cheese. easy to prepare and absolutely good!

you need puff pastry, smoked salmon, creamy cheese (philadelphia) and poppy seeds. cut the pastry in slices, put salmon and cheese on a side and roll. put some poppy seeds on the top and bake at 180° for 15 min.

24 nov 2011

walking around...

last sunday we spent the morning walking around. it was such a beautiful day! so warm... this november is one of the best i've never lived! some days seems to be spring and not almost winter!

and my zoeti sleeps so well in the stroller! ;)

19 nov 2011

work in progress...

so.... the ceramic course is still going on, and that's what i'm doing now!

it's amazing seeing how to create something with your own hands... even for somebody as hopeless as me! ;)
next time: painting! Christmas is coming and these hearts are supposed to be part of the decorations...

8 nov 2011

Miki house

that's the newest in zoeti's closet... i love miki house stuff! my japanese sister-in-law made me know this brand and now i'm crazy for it! such colorful and happy stuff... i'm looking forward to go to the states again and go for baby shopping!

2 nov 2011


so... now i'm a mom so i HAVE to become a good chef! that's why i'm asking recipes here and there... last week i asked to a friend how to make muffins without butter (i'm still trying to lose my baby fat) and that's the result. i'm very proud because they are good and light, even if i put some chocolate on the top (i gotta eat something!) 

now i'm ready for special salty muffins and cup cakes!

31 ott 2011

Simply Sunday...

 yesterday we went to one of the italian biggest antique market and to another beautiful city near here... just the three of us... i love spending time with my husband and zoeti; it's all about laughing and joking!

28 ott 2011

pumpkin obsession ;)

october means just one thing for me.... pumpkin's time! we love pumpkin soup, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin cakes! my greengrocer has always very good pumpkings and i bought at least one every week! this was my first soup of the year...

the chive is my last obsession... i bought it a couple of weeks ago and i'm using it in EVERY single plate i cook! i really don't know how i could live without... ;)

Apple dress

that's the last dress i bought for my little zoeti... it's soooooo cute with all those little apples!

dress with apples: H&M kids

13 ott 2011

ladies & gentlemen...

hi everyone! i'm barbara and ... i'm a new mother! i simply love being in this adventure even if sometimes it's very hard, so maybe writing about that will make everything easier! english is not my mother language but it happens that i think more clearly in this language so... maybe it could help to improve the language, who knows?
anyway, i'm spending some time looking for blog and websites about baby fashion or handmade stuff, or just beautiful things to do and realize and now i want to create something on my own. this is a great moment and a great chance for me to slow down a little bit from work, spending time with my baby and trying to focus on me as well.
i think that everybody needs to create something, to be creative in one level. i love taking pictures (and my daughter is obviously my best subject) and i just started a ceramic course.
let's see!