29 giu 2013

room # 3: the living room

i’ve already showed you our bedroom and zoeti’s bedroom (i still have to update because now she has a big bed…). now it’s time to introduce my living room! we’ve changed some things during the past months: a new sofa cover (i was so tired of that old orange!), an entrance with a place for shoes, coats and guests’ slippers (no shoes allowed in my house!), a new coffee table… now it’s more clean and monocromatic and i really love it! it’s easier to give importance to an object or a book in a neat frame.
giulio created or restored almost everything in our house… it’s the advantage of living with a creative handy-man!

the view from the hallway. you can see also a piece of kitchen, but that’s another story (and another room tour!)


details from the wall and the bookcase. we love to mix vintage & new, and travel memories


our big and comfortable sofa. i swear, everybody falls asleep in this sofa!! the magazine rack and the big lamp are original from 70s.

there are always some zoeti’s toys to give a touch of color here and there! on the other hand montessori said to create a corner for kids in the room where you spend more time and that’s definitely our family room for cuddles, laughing and spending time while mommy is cooking!


our entrance: when ikea meets an original swedish piece of the 40s // one of giulio’s masterpiece: an ipod stereo inside an old vacuum cleaner… isn’t he a genius?!?

the view from the kitchen. the horse is an old toy from south africa.

again from the kitchen // an old furniture that giulio dedicated to me: one side has one of my picture and this one has the s. barbara’s picture that you can see at prado. above his collection of old clocks.

what i love most: BOOKS! i put all the travel guide together to remember all those beautiful moments and awesome adventures we had (and will have!)

27 giu 2013

someone new is at our house...

do you know who it is?
it's our....


ok, maybe i've read too many times the joanna cole's book "i'm a big sister" because i know it word to word, but let me introduce you... peppa the dog! zoeti has chose the name of course and i hope the dog would never suffer of identity crises having the name of a pig! let me say first that tecnically it's my father's dog: she lives with my parents and it's a retirement present that we give to him. but if you'd see zoeti and peppa together ... well they're already big friends!!

i used to have a dog when i was little and i have always loved dogs. i was super excited when my daddy called me saying "ask zoe which could be the name of our new dog!". i think it's important for a kid grow with animals. i'm lucky because we live where it's not difficult to see cows, sheeps, bees, different kind of birds and even deer (if you're lucky). but having a dog to play with is magical. and even if they know each other since just a week they're always together: if zoeti runs peppa runs, if zoeti falls peppa comes in no time to give her "a kiss"... the most funny thing is when peppa steals our shoes and zoeti asks to have them back!

24 giu 2013



"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: this week your granpa has turned 60 years! since then you never stop singing happy birthday to everybody! we’ll have a lot of celebrations during the next month: not only a big party for the birthday, but on the 1st of july he’ll be retired! and, of course, a new entry in our family… Happy birthday daddy! 
Me & my belly: 34 weeks. that’s exactly how i feel: on a swing. one moment i’m happy and positive, and the other i panic and feel scared about delivery, living with two small kids, baby’s health…
My favorites last week are: Lu’s portrait, Bo and bubbles and this amazing picture of 4 siblings!
Jodi’s project here

21 giu 2013

bye bye google reader!

bloglovin' informed me that i have 3 weeks before google reader closes so i want to ask to those are following my blog with it to switch to bloglovin'.
it's simple and very fast and you can manage to have all the blogs you're following in the same page.
i opened a bloglovin' page a few months ago and now i'm using just his page to follow my favorites and discover new ones!

20 giu 2013

camping – part III

last days at Cà Savio camping… and we’re so sad! actually 10 days are enough but we didn’t have the chance to experiment all that the camping as to offer! the animation is incredible and they have activities for kids and for adults (zoeti loves the happy disco!). there are zumba, yoga, aqua-gym, and kids manual activities during the morning and the afternoon. those guys are tireless (go ale!!)!
that's some pictures…


monday morning i woke up around 6.30 and couldn't sleep... so i decided to go to the beach. so peaceful! a little moment just for me and my littlest one... talking, breathing and singing!

you are my dancing queen... she loves happy disco!!

playing minigolf... zoeti style!

tendernesses in the swimming pool ♥

i remembered this vacation as:  the first one in a bungalow for me (we booked the bungalow 1° fila... great choice!), the potty training with few incidents... per day!, you calling nonno (granpa) every single guy over the age of 20 and being scared of them, you learnt how to spit the water in the swimming pool (the classic fontain), your attention for details (expecially when it comes to dresses... we're girls after all!), you learnt to get off the bed by yourself and reach mommy and daddy's bed noiselessly (until you start snoring!) and learnt how to put on sandals all by your self!

we had so much fun as a family of three and i'm more than ready to become a family of four in a month!

one last thing.... thank you Elisa & Silvia for the opportunities!! that was the first "reward" to my blog!!

16 giu 2013


Zoe Tiare: there’s a lovestory between this little girl and icecreams… believe me! and what’s an holiday without icecream?!
Me and my belly: you know what? i’m proud of my 33 weeks belly, even if it comes with gigantic thighs, flabby arms and a big butt! and it’s not easy to say that on holiday when around you there are in-shape mothers or girls in their twenties… but here i am, wearing a bikini and playing with my daughter inside and outside the water!
my favorite portraits of the past week are: this one of a beautiful girl and her great granny, Chloe playing with the sand (maybe because she reminds me my little one with those curly hair!),Gus and wildflowers.
Joining Jodi’s project.

15 giu 2013

maternity toughts

you were always be a daddy girl, even during my pregnancy: you began to move when you heard daddy’s voice! and daddy is still your hero, your buddy, your everything! sometimes i’m happy to see how much you love each other and i’m proud of the man i married! he’s a great dad, even if he’s often more a playmate than the adult between you two!
but sometimes it’s difficult to see your special relationship from outside, without living it from inside… during a normal week daddy is at home around 7pm so we had the whole afternoon to play and i have the sensation that it’s right that you give him all the attentions when he’s home. but now that we’re on holiday it’s … different…. you’re with daddy 24/7 and we don’t have a girlish moment just for the two of us.
of course that’s just a perception. the true is that you play with daddy but you want the same nail colour as me, you look at me while i dress saying “that’s nice” and you want to wear my make up to look as me… and if i wear a hat or sunglasses tale (as you call yourself) wants the same. and i smile! you’re growing so fast and i want to enjoy every single moment, from inside and from outside!

12 giu 2013

camping – part II

yesterday morning the weather was not so good so we tried one of the camping’s activity: the fun park! zoeti was a little scared by all those gigantic inflatable games but after a while she had fun as well!
DSC_1121 there is also a playground inside
do you have any idea of how long it took me to come out with my big belly!?!
DSC_1186    zoeti wanted to have a splash in the swimming pool but the water was so cold! here my little princess is taking a coccola (cuddle) with mommyDSC_1218 DSC_1220   with that weather the beach was almost empty, but i love it that way… so romantic!
pro6daddy style…
mama style!

11 giu 2013

our babymoon

We're on our babymoon or, as we italians say... We're on holiday!! We don't have babymoon in our culture but it's an holiday, the last one before baby's coming, just the three of us... We can call it 'babymoon' right?! 
We decided to come back to the same camping of the past year: Ca savio camping in Ca Savio (you can see my last experience here, here and here). We love this camping and it's always a great choice: Giulio spent here a lot of holidays when he was a child and during the past years we came once a year to visit giulio's aunt, uncle and cousins during their holidays. We can call it our 'family camping'. 
unfortunately these days are not so warm and sunny but we found a lot to do as well!
our plan was to stay in the water without actually get wet…. turns out i’m not a good driver! zoeti was completely wet when i leaded!
washing shells
pro3   DSC_1080
she falls in love with this playground and she’s learning to go to the swing for big kids!
 DSC_1101  watching videos on daddy’s iphone before sleeping

being the three of us is nice but zoeti is always looking for kids to play with! unfortunately we are surronded by germans and dutch so it’s not so easy for her to understand or communicate with them, but they’re kids: give them a ball or a playground and they will best friends for the day! i love that she goes and play with them with no fear, even when they’re older, but i’m so looking forward to see my two littles playing togheter!!

10 giu 2013


DSC_0990DSC_1018 DSC_1030 

Zoe Tiare: when you saw the sea yesterday you were so happy that you started to run inside and outside playing with waves! it’s such a joy when you laugh and laugh!! unfortunately the weather wasn’t (and still isn’t) that good so we had to keep you on the beach… but you had fun anyway!!

Me and my belly: 32 weeks. for this week doctor’s orders are: rest! the baby isn’t growing as he/she should so restand well eating is mandatory! lucky me that i have everything i ever wanted: my family 24/7, the sea and a great excuse for doing nothing!!

between packing and worries for the baby’s grow i didn’t have time to check the other pictures… so no favorites this week!

 thank you Jodi

6 giu 2013

coffee cookies


first mix the butter, the egg, coffee and sugar until you have a kind of cream.


then add the flour with a little bit of bicarbonate.


create a shape for your biscuits and put them in the oven at 170° for 15 minutes