31 lug 2012

trieste with kids

as i mentioned this post will be about some trieste advice if you are planning to visit it with kids, stroller and co.
a couple of days is really a short time to write about a city as big as trieste but i have some advices that could be useful...
if you are planning to visit st. giusto castle remember that there are a lot of stairs! zoeti was sleeping in the stroller so we had to lift the stroller up and down the floors to see the castle and see the walkways around it alternately.
you can't go inside miramare's castle with strollers (again zoeti was sleeping so we had to wake her up and she wasn't that happy!).
the place where we stopped by for lunch (zoe food) was very nice and relaxing, with games for kids, a vegetarian and organic menu and a small food shop inside. i definetly recommend it! zoeti is starting with adult food (small pieces of everything) and she's very curious about food - she tries almost everything. here you can find food that you can easily give to a kid and with a good quality.

do you have anything to suggest about trieste?

24 lug 2012

trieste #2

zoe food

caffè tommaseo

miramare castle

on sunday we had a wonderful breakfast and we visited a little bit more the city centre. i'd like to see s. silvestro's basilica but it was closed :(
anyway, we had a wonderful lunch at zoe food, a coffee at caffè tommaseo (the oldest in town), and spent the afternoon at miramare castle - a wonderful castle right above the sea.

the next post will be "tips for visiting trieste with a toddler"

23 lug 2012

trieste #1

pastry shop La Bomboniera

inside caffè degli specchi

we spent the last weekend in trieste. i've never been there even if it's not so far and all of my friends say that it's a charming city. and it is!
you can totally see the contamination of different culture and the historical bonding with habsburg empire. trieste is famous for coffee (and that's why it's definetly my city!), castle and the bora, a typical wind coming from north-east that could be very very strong!
we found a tiny and wonderful b&b downtown called "ai moretti", with old style furniture (the owner loves antiques and mix them with modern pieces).
first of all we had a look at the centre, took a couple of coffees and sweets in two of the oldest coffee shops in town and visited st. giusto's castle. [...]

19 lug 2012

time for drawing


zoeti loves painting! i bought some non-toxic baby proof colours and she simply loves them! now she's painting not only her notebooks but also the floor, carpets and herself! maybe there's an artist inside her... i love how she's always attracted from new stuff, always curious. and she takes her time to study new objects trying to understand how it works... and she's so stubborn (like somebody i know!)

14 lug 2012

a hint of blue...

these are some pictures i took in the house... i love love love blue (in all his declinations) and i'm always looking  for another hint of blue!

11 lug 2012

dinner for three

yesterday evening i finally decided that it's time for zoeti to eat what we eat! it's not because i'm lazy (ok... i'm a little tired to prepare always two different type of meal!) but also because she's always snacking from our plates while eating. my first "dinner for three" experiment was stuffed zucchini (super easy and super quickly!).


i've used zucchini from my dad's garden, natural ham and parmigiano reggiano cheese  - i'm italian so... the original one! ;) 

step 1:

after boiling zucchini for 5 minutes, cut them in half and scoop out the inside

step 2: 

put the inside of the zucchini in a pot with oil and onion and, after 15 minutes, whisk it with ham and the grated cheese. (that's the time to add some salt if you want. i didn't do it because zoeti eats no salt or sugar). add the yolk (which is the first egg part that a baby can try) 

step 3:

fill the zucchini with the mixture and add some breadcrumbs on the top

step 4:

30 minutes, 200°

and that's the result: 

i've add some goat cheese for zoeti

ok i'm not Julia Child, but i love cooking when i have time to do it properly and i'm always looking for new recipes baby-friendly.