29 mar 2012

a new sofa...

a strawberry milkshake (my favorite), a book for inspiration and a complete color palette from which choose the color of my new sofa cover. now it's a very vivid orange and it was a good choice at that time because there were not so many colors in the room. but now the room (kitchen and sitting room) is full with souvenirs from our many trips, books, pictures... i want to have a "cleaner" room, without jumping into the "total-white" effect, so boring and so common nowadays. the sea is one of my biggest passions so i was thinking "why don't i bring a touch of blue in my house?" my husband prefer neutral colors such as raw cotton but i spent the day searching for pictures of blue sofas... that's what i've found so far...

i took these pictures from greek websites ... blue is THE color for greek interiors....
tomorrow i'll search some other example, maybe with natural colors...and we have to decide!

26 mar 2012


ready to go

what's this?!?

yesterday we spent the day with flowers and plants! that's what i love most about spring. in the morning we've been to a local nursery to buy flowers. my husband made long time ago this kind of structure with two old windows that we decided to use as side scene in our big terrace and fill it with flowers. during zoeti's nap we planted all the flowers and we spent the evening all togheter in the nearest park, playing...
a lovely lovely day! now i just have to find some beautiful plant marker.. i think i'll copy one of these!

23 mar 2012

just a peek..

just another week... a beautiful one... warm sunny weather, a chat with an old friend, zoeti's passport finally ready... i'm ready for the weekend! :)

21 mar 2012

baby clothes

that's the huge amount of clothes that my favorite cousine gave me for zoeti! i loooooooove her! she's like a sister to me and she has two beautiful daughters, of which one, the younger, is almost three. since zoeti was born she gave me clothes, toys, baby stuff... everything! deb, you are the best!!

19 mar 2012

new york... we're coming!


a coffee, a cookie and... my new guide of New York! we've bought the ticket last week and we're sooooooo excited! first long trip for zoeti, her first time in USA... and we so wanted to come back soon. we spent there 2 months before my pregnancy, by my brother and sister-in-law and we love that - the! - city! it's our 5th trip there so i need to find out something new to see and to live. that's why i bought this guide -New York itinerari d'autore (only in italian or french) with some new paths: ny in the movies, arty, spirit, green and bio, from one riverside to the other, babel ny... i've probably already seen some spots but seeing them in a particular contest make the difference.
during our last trip i took a map, a simple one, the one that the information point give you for free, and i marked all the shops, restaurant, music club that worth it. i bought the book "the best things to do in new york" and i got a lot of ideas and suggestions from there.
ah... i hope this month will fly away soon!

16 mar 2012

just a peek..

what a week!! zoeti started crying every time i left her by my in-laws... can you immagine how i went to work?! worried... feeling as a bad mother (the worst actually!)... guilty....
so that's why i didn't write this week or took pictures. that's just a peek in my week:
first time on the swing; yogurt experience, aunt Ely, her favorite game right now, a new romantic hat.

have a nice weekend! xo

11 mar 2012

day trip!

is it really time to wake up?!

dress: max&co
bag: vintage
dress: i don't remember ;)
shirt: H&M
shoes: starchild

i love this museum!

shhhh... time to sleep again!

saturday we spent the day to a wonderful museum called MART to see an exibition about "Alice in wonderland". needless to say that the next book i'll buy for zoeti will be Alice!
anyway tha day has been super! i love driving and i drove all day, with a beautiful sun and a surprisingly warm day. we had lunch with giulio's aunt, visited a tavern to buy some wine and enjoyed the show!
a perfect perfect day! ;)

9 mar 2012

friday afternoon...

just a break... after my first week back to work... i need my magazines, my movies and a coffee, waiting to wake up zoeti... i miss her so much... and i miss my time at home... i feel always in a rush between work, houseworks, zoeti, husband, social life...

7 mar 2012

flu situation :(

my little princess is still sick and that's way i'm not posting these days... i'm so sad staring at her, coughing and sneezing, and crying every time that we change her diaper (she has intestinal flu). you can't really understand what's a "mommy worried" is until you are a mom and your children are sick...
anyway i think (and hope!) that the worst has gone so... i'll be back soon with some other pictures of a smiling healthy baby!

4 mar 2012

happy birthday giulio!

today is my husband's birthday! unfortunately we have spent the day with a feverish young lady... poor zoeti! she have cried sooooooooooo much! she remained without fever just for 1 hour and she helped me with the laudry! ;) finger crossed for tomorrow!