travel... with kids!

As i already mention i love travel!. with my husband (my boyfriend that time) i've visited perù, ecuador, usa, australia, vietnam and several european capital cities.

in september 2009 we quit our job to do a worldwide trip of almost 8 months... when i told that to my parents they thought it was just a dream. we spared money for one year: no pizza, no shopping, :(( but we realized our project. in 8 months we've been to thailand (just some cities), laos, cambodia, japan, usa (half of our family lives there), cuba, easter island, chile, argentina and south africa. you can read about our trip here (italian only).

now that we are parents, we're looking forward to travel again with zoeti and show her the beauty of the world, to meet other cultures with her... but of course our way to travel has to change! no more backpackers trips (for some years at least) and more children-friendly activities...

that's the space where i'm going to write some advices about this new way to travel...


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