12 mag 2013

happy mother’s day!

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that’s my beautiful day, started with some flowers (a present for mother’s day) and continued on the garda’s lake, in peschiera. i don’t know why but this year i felt this day more than the others… two years ago i was pregnant and giulio said “best wishes” instead of our still-not-born child. last year zoeti was nearly one but she couldn’t understand what mother’s day is. this year she prepared a present at the nursery school and learnt a little poem (i cried so much!) and giulio organized this perfect day at garda’s lake. he knows that i love the water! we have been to the swimming course with zoeti and than we had lunch in this wonderful city. it was warm and sunny until almost 5 pm (a lucky day! last weeks rained almost every day!!)
thank you family!
but today i want to say something to someone else also…
Happy mother’s day, mom! i love you even if i don’t say it often! 
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