29 mag 2012


when i decided to have a blog i wanted to talk about motherhood, beauty stuff, easy going chat... until this morning.
i'm italian... i live in the north-east... i'm scared... maybe you get used to earthquakes but not me. i can't remember the last one - maybe i was 3 or 4 - so i'm scared. being a mom means being responsible for two. this morning my husband was already at work so the responsability of zoeti was just mine. and i panicked...

the nursery is closed for precaution and i run outside the house for every shake (5 or 6 since now) with zoeti. i know rationaly that my house is safe but it's an uncontrolled reaction.

and i check the situation on internet... there's people who are losing everything... mothers like me worried for their children... 
No easy chatting today, but a respectful silence.

28 mag 2012

1920's inspiration...

my best friend wedding is coming this saturday so this week i'll be busy looking for some shoes, bags & co. for my outfit! i'm also trying to find a way to style my hair in a twenties way... the bride loves 20's style and i'm sure she'll be happy if guests will have something connected to that!

the only problem is that i'm finding images only of short hair! i have to find a way to pin my long hair in the back and create a false short-hair effect! anyway i'm sure of something: curly curly and curly for that day!!

26 mag 2012

summer tastes...

ricotta, tomatoes and arugula burger with a side of tomatoes salad... delicious!

21 mag 2012

zoeti turns one!

birthday's eve at some friends' wedding

everything is ready for the party!

some of her presents

no words to describe happiness

that's not my last weekend, but THE weekend! zoeti had her first birthday!! we had a very busy week, between work, cooking, organizing, cold & cough, but we made it! i hoped in a good warm weather (it's 20th of may - for God sake!) but nope... rain, rain and rain... luckily we found a place to have dinner with all (and i say all) our families: a bounch of uncles, aunts, cousins and nieces!

but starting from the beginning we have been to a wedding, the day before, of a couple of our good friends (pictures 1 &2). beautiful place, delicious food, bride & husband terribly in love and zoeti with a very cute dress...

the 20th we had lunch with our closest friends, they are like aunts and uncles for zoeti and we're looking forward to have two new little friends in our big family! ;)
than we had dinner with our family, with other laughs, presents, cake and fun!
in the end we were tired but soooooooo happy for our little princess! we took a moment later yesterday evening, to think about last year, the first time we saw her, we hug and kiss her... seems like yesterday!

we love you sweety!

14 mag 2012

bachelorette party in venice!

the bride-to-be: chiara

who said that warm people live just in the south of italy?? venice is full of... friendly boys!



the girls!

venice, a bride, some crazy girls and... ruyi! ready for the treasure hunt?!

ok... we're girls... so there's always time for a little shopping !

ok... back from a very busy weekend... friday the opening of the photographic studio of a friend and the seat of the ceramic course i attend in one of the most beautiful location around here: an old factory completely restored. the two hosts made a great job with candles, food, wine and music and we enjoyed very much!

on saturday: bachelorette party of one dear friend, chiara (his wife-to-be). destination venice!
i can't say to much about the day (the groom has to know less as possible for the moment!!) but we enjoyed so much! we met some friendly fishermen, chiara had to do some ... stuff.. funny stuff... and maybe because she was part of a theater company but she did a great job, no shy at all. we had a treasure hunt around venice and, of course, a super yummy pasta as dinner!
thanks girls for the lovely day!

10 mag 2012


sorry for the silence, but i had a very busy week! zoeti began the nursery and this thing destabilized my family balance.... when we got back from NY she was not good: teething, jet lag and some intestinal flu all together. she was crying for nothing all day and this situation lasted until last weekend when she finally returned to be "my girl". on monday we started with the nursery... and i was afraid of a new changing... the reactions that she could have had... apparently she enjoys very much playing with other kids, she's not shy at all (already know that!) and she loves her teachers.

yep...she's completely fine without mummy... but for me it's not that easy looking at her playing with others, smiling to others... i'm jelous! the truth is that i'd want to stay with my princess every day but i know that it's important for her to socialize with others, understand how to play with other kids... nursery can be a good thing, i'm sure of that, but it's not easy at all! i think that the "entry weeks" are more useful to mothers than to children!

ah... and i'm trying to organize zoeti's birthday party and a bachelorette party... !!

6 mag 2012

new york # 4

first ride!

italian friends @ NYC

along the high line

times square

the little cousins

with aunt & uncle

2 mag 2012

new york # 3

times square...

i LUV it !!

 third episode of "zoeti in NY"... during our stay we spent the weekend in West Virginia (Summit Point Motorsports Park) with my brother in law, sister in law and my adorable nephew. boys had fun car racing but the weather wasn't that beautiful so we girls and the kids enjoyed the indoor pool and some shopping. fortunately we had the chance to see the guys driving!

1 mag 2012

new york # 2

another peek into our ny experience...

the bus from nj

having fun in the park

fish eddy