6 gen 2014

Adieu My brand new life as mom

This is my last post... It's time to change...

I have a new blog [m] as me and I hope you'll follow me there.
It's still work in progress but I'm pretty happy with the results I'm getting...

See you there!

3 gen 2014

a blog makeover


months ago i bought an e-course about blog makeover and i was planning to do that during my pregnancy. well, alma is already 5 months and my blog didn't change! i'm working hard on it during these past days, trying to find another name and a new style.
so far i seem to have a big problem with having a new url here on blogspot without loosing all of you readers... somebody can help me?!

while i'm trying to figure out all these stuff, i want to wish you a happy joyful 2014!

30 dic 2013


DSC_2770 copiaDSC_2697 

"a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: when you smile, you do it even with your eyes… and everything gets better!

Alma Aiko: with your new friend… trying to understand what christmas means…

last picture. i’m so grateful to jodi for this idea and so happy that i joined till the end. i’m not good in long term projects but this one. i loved this one. and i’m ready for 2014 serie! you can see all my portraits here.

Taking part in Jodi's weekly portrait series

24 dic 2013

lies of christmas

This year Santa will not come to our house... Zoeti was so scared when we saw him that she almost cries when we say "in a couple of days Santa will come with your presents!" . But of course she wants the presents.. So we told her a little lie: Santa is too busy and a little elf will help him and bring the presents to our house! She felt relieved!
This year zoeti is two and a half so still little to believe to everything at the same time big enough to ask us why, under the tree, there are presents for her friends and relatives... She will ask why they are not to their houses and I've already thought about the answer (I feel smart these days!): Santa (and the elves) are very old and very busy so sometimes they misplaced the presents! And that's why grandma has a present for you and we have a present for our friends’ children!
As I've already mentioned I want that zoeti gives to unlucky children a couple of toys that she doesn't play anymore with in order to understand how lucky she is and that could bring us to another question: why Santa doesn't bring toys to every child in the world? I think I still have some more years before this question but I'm already thinking about it. I have found a couple of answers:there are children that can't write the letter to Santa so we will help him to have extra toys for them.
What about you? How do you manage all the Christmas lies?

21 dic 2013



"a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: so girly… you made me laugh a lot this week!!

Alma Aiko: growing… growing so fast!

merry christmas folks!

Taking part in Jodi's weekly portrait series

20 dic 2013

I really NEED you!


It's a long time that I'm thinking about my blog name... Actually I've started thinking about my blogging experience, how much I can invest on it, what it means to me... Thinking about the name was just a consequence..
Even if being a mom is something that keep changing and I'm always learning, I'm not a new mom anymore.. And, let's face it, "my brand new life as mom" is a very long name! When I started blogging I wasn't sure what to expect, how it would last, what I would write about... Choosing the name was not a deliberate choice... Plus, do you know how many blogs there are on blogspot? A lot! Which means few names available!

For the 2014 I want to change the blog name...
I have several alternatives:

'Life in four' :: I know what you are thinking... "And if you'll have another child?" Well, in that case I'll divorce and we will be four again! I'm kidding! In that case I'll change the name again! A blog, in my opinion, is something that grows with you and the name can reflect that change.

'Bello chisto' :: that's something that zoeti says when she loves something. In Italian it would be "bello questo" (that's nice) but she mispronounces it.

'A trolley mama' :: one of the thing that I love most is traveling! I would love a name that reminds that... Besides, if you see how I get out when I'm alone with my girls..: a diaper bag, a backpack if I have to go to the grocery store, my camera bag if I'm inspired... Every time a move!

Ok, let's hear your voice! Tell me which one you prefer. I have a favorite between them, but I'd love to hear your opinion!