30 set 2013


DSC_1575 DSC_1590"a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"
Zoe Tiare: i love your smile!
Alma Aiko: your first antique fair.
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27 set 2013

ice age obsession

Help! I thought that zoeti was still to young for a whole movie. We tried a month ago with Cinderella and after 30 mins she was paying no attention to the screen.
Then, I don't know why, she started asking about dinosaurs. I think it's George's fault ( yes, I mean peppa's brother). That's why we tried with the ice age and now it's the only thing she asks for! Luckily there are 4 movies otherwise I'd become insane! So these days Sid & co. are our best friends!
what about your kids? are they obsessed by a cartoon?

24 set 2013

grape harvest time

September in my family means just few things: my birthday, our wedding anniversary and..harvest! I remember that when my grandparents were alive the grapes harvest was a family moment. My grandfather had a lot of vineyards and we collected the grapes all together (the truth is that my cousins and I ate the grapes...)

Last year zoeti was too young for harvest but this year I want to recreate that family moment with her.
So here we are, collecting white and red grapes, with a little hand peeping from time to time to eat...

Alma has helped too!

Then my father has showed her the first steps of making wine.

There's just one last thing to say: welcome autumn!

23 set 2013


DSC_1452DSC_1459  "a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: on the swing, enjoying the last days of summer…

Alma Aiko: there’s always a good reason for smiling!

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18 set 2013


DSC_1168DSC_1426  "a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: playing with a horse shaped balloon… i was sure you would have chosen the peppa pig’s one….

Alma Aiko: you are always too curious for sleeping, so see you so peacefully asleep in the car seat is a kind of miracle!

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16 set 2013

happy birthday to me!

DSC_1392 yesterday i turned 32. i was expecting to be ready for one of those post where you make an assessment of your life… but the truth is that i don’t have time to think about it! life here is quite crazy lately and every spare moment i’m doing something instead of thinking…
i really miss a quiet moment with myself, without thinking about the grocery list, weekly menu or pediatrician’s appointments.
anyway i had a beautiful birthday. on saturday one of my closest friend got married and right after midnight all the guests sang “happy birthday” and yesterday i’ve been to chioggia (near venice) for lunch with my parents and in-laws. 

DSC_1265DSC_1323  DSC_1283DSC_1317Untitled-6   DSC_1398 DSC_1343 DSC_1362 Untitled-7

11 set 2013

bamboom review

we don’t have baby showers here in italy but it’s quite common to bring a present to a friend during the pregnancy. one of the presents i received was a couple of bamboom bodysuit. bamboom is a brand that uses organic bamboo fiber for its properties as anti-bacterial, anallergic, absorbs humidity and sweat, it’s as soft as cashmere, uvproof, environmentally friendly, reduces static electricity, biodegradable, screen the infrared. a lot of qualities, right?
some of these qualities are not easily verified, but believe me: it is as soft as cashmere! another important thing is that it’s fully opened in the front, so it is super easy to wear.  and they come with a very cute little bag.
and … it’s made in italy!
thank you giudy for the gift… as you can see i really loved it!

8 set 2013


DSC_1131DSC_1154  "a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: crackers and olives, your favorite foods right now.

Alma Aiko: your first smiles…

last week fav: this dreamy portrait of sammy, stella at the window, the lavender field behind hattie.

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5 set 2013

i have a secret to tell…

we already knew that zoeti would have a little sister! and she knowed it too!
during my 5th month of pregnancy i asked the doctor to write in a piece of paper if it will be a girl or a boy. the idea was to go to a beautiful place and let zoeti open the envelope while we took pictures of the moment.DSC_0117
and that’s the picture! unfortunately that day the weather was so bad, but we couldn’t wait for a sunny day (so rare here during winter!). zoeti was both excited and curious about it but i think she did not realized the fact that she would have been a big sister.
why we did that? i thought it would be easy for zoeti call my belly with her sister’s name, read her books about sisters relationship, listen to us talking about alma as already part of the family. and in the meanwhile we wanted to make a surprise for family and friends (as we did with zoeti) so it was a kind of “family secret”!
i don’t know if it’s because we prepared zoeti about her sister’ coming but she is absolutely adorable with alma, gives a lot of kisses, asks for hug her… yesterday i was breastfeeding alma and she took a pillow to put under my back to make me more comfortable! and i was thinking you’re just two years old!! how can you be so kind?! i’m so proud of the little person she is becoming!
i love you both so much!

2 set 2013

let’s have party!

DSC_1065when zoeti was born, my parents hosted a big party with my whole family (uncles, aunts and cousins) and neighbours… fourty people!
for alma they… did the same! we celebrated last weekend and it was a happy, sunny, crowded day! and with a couple of special guests: pac the rabbit and ugo the turtle!
Untitled-1DSC_0948   >> littles & teens <<Untitled-2
>> my cousin and her beautiful daughter cuddling alma << Untitled-3
alma has been so quiet the whole day, moving from one arm to another. unfortunately between feeding her, take a look to zoeti and help my mom i didn’t took so many pictures… anyway i really enjoyed the day!
thanks mum & dad!

1 set 2013


DSC_0903 DSC_0848 "a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: my little monkey… enjoying the last days of summer
Alma Aiko: you have everything to discover, always surprised by something!
My favorite last week were: cecily’s portrait, iliska’s shadows and the light in stella’s portraits.
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