30 apr 2013

pregnancy menu ideas

i've already talked about toxoplasmosis here but i'm so obsessed with food lately that i want to share some other menu ideas (toxo-free).

as you can see i'm obsessed with salad and tomatoes! actually... from all that it's red: tomatoes, strawberries... i'm waiting for watermelon and peaches! another reason for eating healthy salad is that i already gained 8 kg (!!!) and i want to stay under control as much as possible (also because i really can't say no to chocolate). I bought a fitball and i'm using my cyclette (yes guys... here it's always raining!!) to start moving my muscles... i'd prefer a long walk into the nature but since it rains...
i hope to be persevering in my exercise program (i always start with enthusiasm but i quit very soon)

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