27 mag 2013

Happy birthday Zoe Tiare (part II)!!

the party girl

thanks for the beautiful presents!!

DSC_0808DSC_0813DSC_0818party 3
i love you, my beautiful little miracle!
have you ever try to have three little kids ready for a picture? it’s an experience!
party 4party 5
beautiful babies, amazing mothers and mothers-to-be, friends, women… i wish you all the best! and Carlo, let’s hope there will a little boy in one of those bellies or it will be very hard for you next years, my little men!
my partner in crime, my love, the best daddy in the world!

yes guys… like last year our little one had two birthday parties! yesterday we invited our closest friends for an informal buffet and few talks. i’ll post about the party decorations tomorrow (i can’t overwhelm you with thousands of pictures, right?!) so let me show you a little bit of our sunday afternoon! it’s always a pleasure having the house full of nice people, especially since it’s not always easy to be able to see each other often (if you have a kid you know what i’m talking about!) and this year the party was super special in a new way: four (yes i said four!) baby bumps, ladies & gentlemen! i’m already looking for a nanny for next year! zoeti had fun with the other two littles, even if we had to keep an eye on her (carlo is just 10 months and amalia almost one year, so… still so little!). there were balloons of course and toys and sweets and too much potatoes (am i right, zoeti?!). no birthday cake this time (i’m still having nightmares about those four tiramisù .. ) and i made cupcakes instead.
seeing you so happy, little angel, makes me want to have a birthday party every weekend! but maybe for the nextt two or three weekends we can just play with all the balloons you have in your bedroom ok?!

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