29 lug 2013



"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: discovering new animals is your last passion. you love dogs, cats, donkeys or goats, but you love even bees or ants. my little ornithologist!

no pictures of my belly this week because… i don’t know… i didnt’ expect to come to 39 weeks (and 4 days)… i was always waiting for something to “move”… and i’m still waiting. i’m not going to lie: it’s hard because patience is never been one of my qualities and because here it’s getting very hot (40° C with high humidity).

my favorite last week was these Bo’s portraits by inked in colour.


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28 lug 2013

just sunday...

zoeti and i had fun today with finger paint! i bought it some months ago, waiting for the perfect sunny, hot day to use it and today was perfect! actually, after a while, it became more body painting that just finger!!

and after the creative moment, a splash in the swimming pool!

PS: still no news from the baby... he/she is really testing me! i'm so impatient!!

24 lug 2013


waiting is not my forte, i know. these last weeks of pregnancy are driving me crazy! during my last visit the doctor said that my body is more than ready for the birth and i can feel that. but the baby seems to be not! rationally i know that my due date is the 1st of august but .... i was kind of deceived that he/she would be born earlier.
in the meantime i try to keep my mind busy.
i'm finishing a knitting project that i'll post about as soon as i can.
i've thought that look at some pictures of zoeti when she was newborn can feel her less jelous of her new brother or sister so i'm creating a photobook for her. i didn't choose the best pictures (i have other photobook for that) but the meaningful ones: where she used to sleep, i breastfeeding her, she with grannies, her first toys, all the funny faces that a newborn does... i'm sure that she will love the book because she loves to look at pictures but i'm not sure it will be useful for the jelousy... i'll let you know!
when i was pregnant with zoeti i bought a diary and started writing on it when i was in my 4th month of pregnancy. it's a kind of long letter about my dreams about her future, funny things she make, all the new things she learn. it's more personal than this blog and the idea is to give it to her for her 18th birthday. of course i've done the same with this pregnancy! so another way to spend my time during this waiting is to keep their diaries updated.

but it's hard staying away from all those blogs about pregnancy, trying to understand if your last symptoms can be a good sign of imminent delivery or not! and i'm everyday more hungry, and big... and these last weeks have been very hot here so my feet and my hands are swollen... but above all i'm impatient to start this new adventure in four!!

22 lug 2013


DSC_2153 DSC_2156 

"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: this week was about you and your tata (dolly). you brought her everywhere and it’s so sweet seeing you giving kisses to her or singing lullabies… i wonder how it will be between you and your little sister/brother…

Me and my belly: 38 weeks. and i’m pretty tired. my feet are double. it’s hot. i’m sleeping 4-5 hours per night. and i’m terribly curious. please, be born soon my little!!! [this picture of my belly reminds me of some lunar-stellar landscape… today we have full moon in italy… finger crossed!]

my favorite last week: Lotus in black and white and this perfect portrait of Bella!

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18 lug 2013

room # 4: the kitchen

DSC_0877 DSC_0878
Our kitchen is quite small but full of personal touches! The first thing that everyone notices is the stove which is mounted on a 40s football table (it was my husband’s idea and I love it!).
Giulio’s granpa made the kitchen table (a classic table à la vicentina) and we put a print on it with a photo of us when we were children. We bought the pictures from a very talented photographer Piero Martinello.
This lamp made in an old helmet hairdressers is another of my husband’s stroke of genius. It’s charming having a special dinner with just this lamp turned on…
A small collection of jars.
DSC_0880the green side of the kitchen…
other rooms:
room #1: zoeti’s bedroom
room #2: our bedroom
room #3: the living room

16 lug 2013

baby bump photo shoot

last week i asked a friend, a great photographer riccardo battistella (that’s his flickr page), to take some pictures of me, my bump and my family. i did the same when i was pregnant with zoeti and now i have a great and professional remember of that moment. with zoeti i asked another friend and the location we choosed was an old villa. this time i wanted something different, something more… spontaneous! giulio found the first place, a charming flower shop near where we live, with a provencal allure, and then we moved to a field. i love love love these pictures! riccardo made a great job!
PS: after coming back home we found out that our little zoeti had fever… she was great all the time even with 38°!!
grazie riccardo!

14 lug 2013


DSC_2104 DSC_2145

"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: finally smiling and joking with daddy after a very hard week with high fever and strong cough…

Me & my belly: 37 weeks. i have to admit that i have stolen this week portrait’s idea from the web! i saw a picture like this one and i thought it was so funny!


No favorites this week… zoeti kept me busy and worried for her fever so…

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13 lug 2013

what a second time mom needs...


now that my due date is coming i'm unpacking all the little dresses and toys of when zoeti was born. my parents keep asking me if i need something or what they can buy as a present for the new baby and i'm .... in difficulty! the truth is that i've plenty of neutral dresses (i didn't know that zoeti would be a girl so i bought just yellow, white, green and light blue dresses), our stroller is brand new, car seat is ready, my cousin lend me the swinging chair, i bought tons of books when zoeti was born to read before nap time and i still have a box full of toys for newborns. so... what can be useful for a second time mom?!

i've checked on internet and so far that's the most clever ideas i've found:

# a board for stroller: zoeti doesn't use the stroller that much but i can't think about carring her around in my arms! a board can be a great solution and it's easy to keep both of your children under control!

# i already have a mei tai and i was thinking about buying something more suitable for a newborn such as a long sling... i've just read the ester weber's book portare i piccoli (carry the little ones) and this time i want to commit more: the contact between mother and child has so many advantages!

 # diapers: yes guys... can seems a strange gift but a newborn needs a lots of diapers and they always end up when you least expect it! if you want a fancy presentation, you can buy a diaper cake
( a friend of mine makes them with soap or cream inside... always a success!)

# a photo album (digital or paper): i've heard that usually second child doesn't have so many pictures as the first born. i love taking pictures and i have my camera with me almost every moment so i don't think this will be a problem but having a project or a place to put the very first pictures of the newborn is always a great idea i think!

# hygiene products: i'm not a big fan of cream and oil for babies but a bio soap with a natural sponge will be definetely appreciated! i took a course of baby massage with zoeti but... i don't know about your kids but mine didn't likebeing stripped for a massage and after the bath she did totally not agree on staying naked! that's way i used cream or oil maybe three times!

# something silly for the big sister/brother: please, don't forget the first born!! a newborn doesn't care if you say that he/she is so beautiful or if you give him/her attentions, but a toddler does! when my friends became mothers for the second time i always gave my attention to the big kid first, congratulating them for being a big brother or sister and giving them something like a sweet or a small toy. it's very important and helpful for the mommy because an angry and jealous child to deal with is always hard!

# food: i'm already filling the freezer with quiches, lasagnas, meat, etc... i remember those crazy first days, when you come home with this new baby and cooking seems the hardest and the least of your worries. but this time i have a little daughter that NEEDS to eat properly (which means no pizza 6 dinners per week)! that's way we (my husband is an amazing chef) are preparing food in advance...

# time: take care of the little one while mommy can spend some quality time with the first born (and viceversa) can be a great gift too! zoeti, for example, loves swings so bring her to the playground for an hour will let me stay 100% with the newborn without guilt.

# nice words: during this pregnancy i'm feeling like a torn mother: i can't stay with zoeti as i want and i'm not "listening" the newborn's movements as i did the first time. everything i do seems to be wrong in some way. after childbirth you already have a crazy battle of hormones, tons of thing to do and a life to reorganize so just take two minutes to ask a mommy "how are you?" or to tell her that she is doing a great job can be one of the most appreciated (and free!) present you can ever make!

11 lug 2013

pregnancy hospital bag

My due date is in three weeks and I prepared my hospital bag a week ago. There were still some things missing but today I’ve bought the last couple of stuff, checked if everything was in order and put a post it on it for the things I cannot prepare in advance (such as all the prenatal exams or my hairbrush).
Honestly I don’t remember if with zoeti I prepared the bag even earlier but I know for sure that this time I was calm and relaxed doing it. The hospital I’ve chosen this time is three minutes away from my house (yes… three minutes!) and the visiting hour for daddies is the whole afternoon (the other hospital – the one I chosed for zoeti let in dads just for a couple of hours!) so If I forget something it will be easy to go and take it.
Actually I’ve chosed a trolley instead of a bag because the first time I made a mess inside between my stuff and zoeti’s stuff, and presents… normally hospital’s lockers are not that big but there’s no difference in size between a big bag or a cabin trolley.
Let’s see what’s inside my bag:
- Two nightgowns and a gym set (leggings and tshirt).; I don’t feel comfortable with nightgowns so I bought some comfortable front-open shirts and pants.
- A sweater and a pair of socks: even if it will be hot it’s common feel cold after the birth.
- towels and bathrobe.
- Flip flop (easy to use also in the shower).
- Toiletries.
- Make up! Yes guys… I said make up but I don’t mean anything too complicated, just mascara, eyeliner, gloss and a bb cream. The truth is that after the birth your belly will still be big and flabby for a while and you feel exhausted for the first day or two and everybody will come to visit you and see the baby… try to be in order and maybe even cutel will help your mood!
- Four small bags for the newborn baby with onesie, dress, socks, hat and bib. It’s easy to find what you need if you keep everything divided in bags.
- A present for the big sister. I bought a book and a coloring album for her to celebrate her new status as a big sister and daddy will give her a present to bring to the hospital for the baby.
- Cell phone! I can’t imagine staying 3 days in the hospital without hearing my family every time I want to or without taking pictures or sending messages! I need my I phone!!
- Other necessary personal stuff such as post-partum pads (yes they’re big and yes i’ll need them!) and post natal pants (you can throw them away after use).
i have not packed nursing bras because i feel more confortable with bikini top or … nothing! that’s an advice that a midwife gave me “let dry your nipples outdoors will prevent sore nipples. i haven’t packed magazines as well because, believe me, you really need to rest and sleep as much as you can! plus i remember to have spent all my spare time staring at my beautiful perfect baby…
i can say i’m ready… now i just have to convince the baby to get out!!!

7 lug 2013




"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: “i’ do” is your mantra these days. i love the way to want to be independent! 

Me & my belly: 36 weeks. we had a check this week and you have grown so much that i’m no longer at rest! all the percentile story is such a crazy thing! how can you catalog babies into a list?! we’re all so different! anyway, you are already 2,600 kg! i’m so looking forward to see your face!

i have a lot of favorites this week (staying on rest for the pregnancy gave me a tons of free time!): the colors in woven with spirit photo, a wonderful black and white, ruby hoppen’s portrait (we’re obsessed by peppa pig and her jumping up and down in muddy puddles) and the colors in oscarlucinda’s one.

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6 lug 2013

carrot & chocolate plumcake

i saw this recipe on a tv program and i made it several times since then… but this time i had a special helper: zoeti! this was actually our first four-hands-recipe and we enjoyed it so much!! it’s easy to do with a kid, healthy and… delicious!
i have added choco drops to the original recipe.

400 gr of carrots
3 eggs
300 gr of flour
300 gr of sugar
chocolate drops
baking powder
1 glass of seed oil
Senza titolo-2

first of all whisk all the carrots. then break the eggs in a bowl.
then add the flour with the baking powder, the sugar a little bit of salt and the seed oil and mix all together.
the last touch is the chocolate and…
voilà! after 20-25 minutes at 180°. (we made this three muffins as special trick for dinner)

3 lug 2013

guest post: top trip advice for traveling moms

i’m so exciting to share this guest post today from Kendra Thornton! it’s a honor to have such an expert here and read her trip advices!!

 Photo Credit: href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/86603835@N00/2414350097/">thejbird via href="http://compfight.com">Compfight href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/">cc

Visiting new places and making memories, vacations can be an exciting time for children.  However, vacations can also mean stress for parents unless they take time beforehand to plan details that will help them have a stress-free vacation.

1.Checking Out The Perfect Resort For Your Family

When planning a vacation with children, pay special attention to where you are staying. Many resorts cater to families, with amenities such as indoor water parks, kids clubs, and playgrounds. While your kids are choreographing their next play or learning how to snorkel, you can relax with a massage or play a few rounds of golf.  On my family’s last big trip to Oahu, our family friendly resort was not only ranked as top Honolulu hotel but also recommended by a host of other families who had previously traveled to the Island State. If you are looking for activities for the entire family at the resort, consider a destination with outdoor activities, such as horseback riding. Children of all ages with enjoy this activity and it’s fun for adults too.

2.Forth of July Fireworks

If you are traveling around the Fourth of July, chances are you want to watch a fireworks display with your children.  If you are searching for a great display, look into some of the spectacular ones throughout our historic nation. When you arrive, there are some things you can do to assure a good experience for all ages.  Arrive early so you can get a good spot that is not blocked by trees.  Since you are arriving early, bring an outdoor game or activity you can play as a family to pass the time.  You’ll also want bug spray and light sweatshirts or coats just in case.  Depending on what area of the country you are in, it may get cold after the sun goes down, even in July. For holiday trips, it pays to be prepared!

3. Make Your Car Comfortable For Naps

If your travels involve a long car ride, there are things you can do to make the car as comfortable as possible for your children.  Consider purchasing blinds for the car windows to block the sunlight when your children are napping. If your child likes their favorite blanket or pillow when they sleep, make sure you pack that, and make it easily accessible to your child when they are in the car. Adding extra pillows and blankets will make the ride increasingly more comfortable and give your kids their own space to get excited about.

4.The Best Way to Carry Your Travel Supplies

When you travel, you usually have a travel bag that you will use to cram your belongings into.  This bag might be home to cameras, diapers, sippy cups, or miscellaneous toys.  If you have young children, a backpack is an ideal alternative to a travel bag.  There are many types that offer amenities such as roomy interior, extra pockets, and trend setting fabric. These bags can be found at a variety of stores at a variety of prices to fit your budget.  

5.Airport Security Guidelines For Parents

If you are traveling by plane with children, you will be busy enough in the security line watching your kids, and will not need extra stress of worrying if your bag will be held up at security.  Remember that TSA guidelines require all liquids to fit in a 3oz container and must all fit in 1 clear quart sized bag. Fortunately, baby formula and children’s juice is exempt but still must be presented to a security officer. Only pack the essentials in your carry-on and place the rest in your checked luggage to avoid having to purchase necessities you already own at an inflated price upon arrival.

 Photo credit: http://www.patrickwardphd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/sprinkler-kids-l.jpg

Kendra Thornton: Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. I have taken my excitement for travel and brought it to you with some of my favorite travel tips and tricks. Enjoy!

1 lug 2013



DSC_1952DSC_1955   "a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: 86cm! definitely you’ve grown while we were on holiday!! it’s getting difficult to chose just one picture of you every week!

Me & my belly: 35 weeks! i love living this second experience with one of my closest friend - Chiara! she’s just one month behind (i know that i look over-pregnant compared to her, but she was always been so skinny!) so we can share almost everything. as i have already written there are other two friends of mine waiting for their first child (i’m the “expert” of the group!) and sometimes i think about his/her first birthday… with all those babies almost same age… it will be crowded but so funny!

my fav of the past week are: Chloe with his daddy, Audrey waiting for her daddy and this b/w phone picture by still moving swiftly.

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