6 gen 2014

Adieu My brand new life as mom

This is my last post... It's time to change...

I have a new blog [m] as me and I hope you'll follow me there.
It's still work in progress but I'm pretty happy with the results I'm getting...

See you there!

3 gen 2014

a blog makeover


months ago i bought an e-course about blog makeover and i was planning to do that during my pregnancy. well, alma is already 5 months and my blog didn't change! i'm working hard on it during these past days, trying to find another name and a new style.
so far i seem to have a big problem with having a new url here on blogspot without loosing all of you readers... somebody can help me?!

while i'm trying to figure out all these stuff, i want to wish you a happy joyful 2014!