28 mag 2013

party decorations!

as i already mentioned here, zoeti’s birthday theme this year was supposed to be la pimpa (an old italian cartoon about a red & white dog) but find something about it seemed impossible, so we changed into a red & white party!
the banner is made with paper (i was supposed to make it with textile, but i hadn’t enough time and what can i do after with that?!) that's the tutorial i used to make it.
party 6

i made pinwheels and had a lot of fun!! i have found some nice pattern on internet, printed them and followed one of the thousands tutorials you find… super easy!
candies and m&m’s…. i love them! only the red ones of course (even if i added a touch of pink …. but it’s a girl birthday after all!)
 DSC_0765 DSC_0766 DSC_0769
ok… the menu was kind of tricky… 4 pregnant ladies, all of them toxo negative (i have already explayned what toxoplasmosis is here) means a lot of responsability! so one tray of sandwiches was just for us (toxo free) and the other had parma ham (and we can just dream of it!). all the tomatoes were washed 4 times to kill everything on them and the fruit skewers (no pictures of them sorry) were made with fruit washed and peeled. 
no problems with chips, olives and breadsticks! i had bought also some gluten free snack for a celiac friend.
i’m pretty proud about the result… what do you think? can i have a future as baby birthday planner?!

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