31 mag 2013

first baby’s list: review and advices

many of my friends are pregnant for the first time and talking with one of them yesterday i thought about my baby's items list that i made with my first pregnancy...
i found some advices very useful and i want to share them with you! on internet you can found thousands of websites with tons of list for a newborn baby so i’m not going to state the obvious. this one is very detailed and you can check what you already have, others like this one tend more to the essential.

the hospital
where i live the hospital give you a list of item to bring with you, including  how many  dresses and onsies for the baby, nightgowns for mommy, personal hygiene’s product for the mommy (all the things that you need  for the baby is provided from the hospital). the only thing i can suggest, based on my personal experience, is not to buy 4 nightgowns if you’re not going to wear them again; it’s a waste of money! i bought just 2 and  i added one pajamas, fully opening on the front. unfortunately i’ve lost it,  so for this pregnancy i bought a pair of gym pant with a low-cut tank top, easy to take off for breastfeeding but reusable even when you’re not breastfeeding anymore. plus i don’t like the “sick air” that gives you a nightgown in a hospital bed! another suggestion about nursing bras: i bought one and i found it very unconfortable! it’s easy to take off the front part but not so easy to put it in place again! and my solution was… to use a bikini top! it’s easy to move left or right for an easy access, easy to wash and super easy to dry, if the birth is in spring – summer it’s not so strange if somebody sees you with a bikini under a shirt… for me it was perfect! yes, the breast support is not the best so i didn’t use it everyday exclusively, but i avoided to buy a lot of bras that i could have used just for 1 year (or less).always remember all documentation relating to pregnancy (of course!). this time i think i’ll write a message inside my folder: please do not cut the umbilical cord before it stops beating and keep the lights as low as possible. my first delivery was a dream: three midwives just for me, the light was descreet ( no beacons pointed at me!) and i remembered to say about the umbilical cord. but this time i’m going to go to another hospital so… i just want to be sure to have exactly the same experience (at least for what i can control!). it’s up to you if you want some music during the labor: i took my ipod with me but i prefered the stillness of silence.

back home
back home you need just very few things. do not buy everything “just in case”… for example a changing table is useful (you can change the baby even on your bed or on the floor like i’m doing right now with zoeti – who is too heavy for me and my growing belly!) but buying tons of creams or even a soap it’s unnecessary. for the first days you can just wet the baby with some warm water (no soap and no bath until the umbilical cord stump falls) so your sink is just what you need.
of course you need diapers, but try different labels before buying 10 packs! and you can definetely wait to buy a baby hair brush: look if it will be useful (zoeti was born almost completely bald and i’m using the hair brush only now!).

 a cradle is useful if you’re not thinking about co-sleeping. zoeti slept    with us for the first 4-5 months so i almost never used the cradle that  my cousin lent me.  after we bought a crib where she slept until a month ago (now she’s sleeping in a  big normal bed). we bought our at ikea (the one in the picture) and i was  pleasantly surprised!

 the nursing pillow can be replaced with some normal cushions and buying 3-4 baby bottles if you want at least try to breastfeed your baby, can be a waste of money: you can’t give him/her anything other than milk for the first months so your small baby bottle can be unsuitable for a 6-7 months old (the teat will be for sure!)
the choice of a stroller was the hardest for us, not only because we’re talking about a large amount of money, but also because you have to consider a lot of things! we decided to privilege the lightness and the dimensions when closed. i didn’t want to have a bulky, heavy stroller! of course the aesthetic side is important but not fundamental. i love three wheels stroller and they are perfect for where i live (near the montains), but it’s not easy to find a light one. in the end we choose this one:

we love it! it’s perfect for us: easy to close/open, light, easy to clean. it’s a TFK  Buggster S.

 on internet you can found a lot of models and solution but i suggest you to chose it as soon as you can: sometimes (almost always!) you have to pre-order it and then wait until 1 month to have it… yes, you don’t need a stroller with a new born, but if you buy a combined system, like i did, with stroller and baby carriage the waiting list is the same.
my friend sent me this picture about one of the most   amazing stroller i have ever seen! it called Taga Bike and   you can switch between a three-wheeled bicycle for you and baby and a stroller with a roomy basket. it’s wonderful, but somehow scary at the same time! i don’t know how big could it be when you close it but i doubt that i can easily put it in my little car!

28 mag 2013

party decorations!

as i already mentioned here, zoeti’s birthday theme this year was supposed to be la pimpa (an old italian cartoon about a red & white dog) but find something about it seemed impossible, so we changed into a red & white party!
the banner is made with paper (i was supposed to make it with textile, but i hadn’t enough time and what can i do after with that?!) that's the tutorial i used to make it.
party 6

i made pinwheels and had a lot of fun!! i have found some nice pattern on internet, printed them and followed one of the thousands tutorials you find… super easy!
candies and m&m’s…. i love them! only the red ones of course (even if i added a touch of pink …. but it’s a girl birthday after all!)
 DSC_0765 DSC_0766 DSC_0769
ok… the menu was kind of tricky… 4 pregnant ladies, all of them toxo negative (i have already explayned what toxoplasmosis is here) means a lot of responsability! so one tray of sandwiches was just for us (toxo free) and the other had parma ham (and we can just dream of it!). all the tomatoes were washed 4 times to kill everything on them and the fruit skewers (no pictures of them sorry) were made with fruit washed and peeled. 
no problems with chips, olives and breadsticks! i had bought also some gluten free snack for a celiac friend.
i’m pretty proud about the result… what do you think? can i have a future as baby birthday planner?!

27 mag 2013

Happy birthday Zoe Tiare (part II)!!

the party girl

thanks for the beautiful presents!!

DSC_0808DSC_0813DSC_0818party 3
i love you, my beautiful little miracle!
have you ever try to have three little kids ready for a picture? it’s an experience!
party 4party 5
beautiful babies, amazing mothers and mothers-to-be, friends, women… i wish you all the best! and Carlo, let’s hope there will a little boy in one of those bellies or it will be very hard for you next years, my little men!
my partner in crime, my love, the best daddy in the world!

yes guys… like last year our little one had two birthday parties! yesterday we invited our closest friends for an informal buffet and few talks. i’ll post about the party decorations tomorrow (i can’t overwhelm you with thousands of pictures, right?!) so let me show you a little bit of our sunday afternoon! it’s always a pleasure having the house full of nice people, especially since it’s not always easy to be able to see each other often (if you have a kid you know what i’m talking about!) and this year the party was super special in a new way: four (yes i said four!) baby bumps, ladies & gentlemen! i’m already looking for a nanny for next year! zoeti had fun with the other two littles, even if we had to keep an eye on her (carlo is just 10 months and amalia almost one year, so… still so little!). there were balloons of course and toys and sweets and too much potatoes (am i right, zoeti?!). no birthday cake this time (i’m still having nightmares about those four tiramisù .. ) and i made cupcakes instead.
seeing you so happy, little angel, makes me want to have a birthday party every weekend! but maybe for the nextt two or three weekends we can just play with all the balloons you have in your bedroom ok?!

26 mag 2013




"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: playing hide and seek, your favorite game right now (even while you’re eating!)

Me & my belly: 30 full weeks! (can you see that my belly looks like a zero?!?)

my favorites last week were: this portrait in the fog, this sweetness, and the Lu Elle's one who makes me smile every time!

thanks again jodi

23 mag 2013

strawberry tiramisù


the tiramisù is a cake typical of Veneto (the region where i live) and i love it! unfortunately during the pregnancy you cannot eat it because there are raw eggs in it but i found some recipes to make it without eggs!generally tiramisù is made with coffee (picture on the right) but i used strawberry instead since it’s more fresh and the theme was red & white.

what you need:
  • savoiardi (a kind of biscuit)
  • strawberries (500 gr)
  • 250 gr of mascarpone
  • 250 gr of fresh cream (to whipped)
  • 70 gr of sugar
  • 3-4 spoons of milk

first of all wash almost every strawberry (keep 5-6 for decoration) and whisk them with the milk.


use a strainer to remove all the seeds from the strawberry smoothie


mix well the mascarpone and the sugar.

then add the whipped cream (mixing gently from down to up to not “sag” the cream)


Start with a thin layer of cream, then put the savoiardi and wet them with the strawberries pureed (or drench them into the pureed before). Add cream and keep in this way (wet savoiardi and cream). end with cream and garnish with fresh strawberries.

keep it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

i don’t have a proper picture of the result… but i think this one is better! zoeti loved it!!


21 mag 2013

Happy birthday Zoe Tiare!

DSC_0570DSC_0572DSC_0643DSC_0653DSC_0660 DSC_0674 DSC_0722

i can’t believe she’s already 2! she’s learning so many things and changing so fast… we decided to have two birthday parties: one yesterday with all our family (we’re very closed with our uncles, aunts and cousins…) and another one next sunday with friends. find a space for 24 people is never easy and make it kind of cozy and nice was very hard! her theme this year is red & white and believe me… i have done my very best! i’ll show you the decorations after sunday (just 10 people, my living room, kids… sounds better right?) but we had fun yesterday and i want to share some of that moments with you!
the preparation was… demanding: my back is hurting lately so it’s not easy to find the energy to create paper crown or go four times to a supermarket because every time i forgot something!
i made 3 cakes: strawberry tiramisù! i love that my daughter’s cake is something handmade by me but… it took me almost 3 hours!! but as tired as i was yesterday, seeing her so happy playing with my cousin’s daughter and giving kisses to everybody, is all i ever wanted!
i love you, sweety!
ready for the party! // she loves baloons // unwrapping //  us // with my in-laws // with my parents // tasting the cake // with my cousin’s daughter (how lovely is she?!)

19 mag 2013


project 20


a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013”

Zoe Tiare: you found a new game this week: walking around with my shoes! you are so funny!!

Me & my belly: 29 week. i took my picture this week very quickly, just my reflection in a mirror, because with zoeti’s birthday to prepare, rain every day, and hormones in down, i wasn’t up for something well designed… sorry!

same reason for not having a favorite this week…

Jodi’s project here

16 mag 2013

ready for the party?!

photo credit on pinterest
i can't believe that zoeti is turning two in 4 days! she's growing so fast... she's in that stage (terrible twos) where no is her favorite word, she wants to do everything by herself, she is in love with her daddy (hello edipo complex!) and i'm the enemy... but sometimes she still is my little girl, all kisses and cuddles, and i feel almost honored when she want to be dressed like me or with the same hairstyle! she's everyday more curious and pay so much attention to details! that's something i'm trying to learn from her: slow down and eyes (and ears) open. it's amazing to see the world through her eyes...
her birthday party's theme this year will be "red & white". she's still too young to chose a theme... i guess that everything that involved chocolate and baloons will be fine for her! we'll have two parties: one on 20th of May (her actually birthday) with all our families (except aunt, uncle and cousins.. sig sig...) and one with our friends, so expect a lot of pictures! that’s some ideas i collected in pinterest (thanks!)
i was dreaming about a terrace party but here is raining cats and dogs so... no outside calebration i think!

13 mag 2013


Untitled-9 DSC_0325"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"
Zoe Tiare: playing with a puppy. that’s exactly how you are: a little bit shy, almost always happy and smiling, incredibly cute! you need to have mommy & daddy next to you, but when you find out that you can do something by youself, you put always a smile on your face! and we love that smile!!
Me & my belly: 28 weeks. i’m getting huge!! i love the special moments between you two and even if i know there will be whims and jealousies, i’m looking forward to see you two growing together!
last week i loved stella’s portrait in the light (here), little emma and eva and her crown.
thank you jodi!

12 mag 2013

happy mother’s day!

 mother's dayDSC_0282  DSC_0285 DSC_0289 Untitled-7jpgDSC_0293  DSC_0362Untitled-8DSC_0368 DSC_0378 DSC_0396 DSC_0422 DSC_0428 
that’s my beautiful day, started with some flowers (a present for mother’s day) and continued on the garda’s lake, in peschiera. i don’t know why but this year i felt this day more than the others… two years ago i was pregnant and giulio said “best wishes” instead of our still-not-born child. last year zoeti was nearly one but she couldn’t understand what mother’s day is. this year she prepared a present at the nursery school and learnt a little poem (i cried so much!) and giulio organized this perfect day at garda’s lake. he knows that i love the water! we have been to the swimming course with zoeti and than we had lunch in this wonderful city. it was warm and sunny until almost 5 pm (a lucky day! last weeks rained almost every day!!)
thank you family!
but today i want to say something to someone else also…
Happy mother’s day, mom! i love you even if i don’t say it often! 
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