16 mag 2013

ready for the party?!

photo credit on pinterest
i can't believe that zoeti is turning two in 4 days! she's growing so fast... she's in that stage (terrible twos) where no is her favorite word, she wants to do everything by herself, she is in love with her daddy (hello edipo complex!) and i'm the enemy... but sometimes she still is my little girl, all kisses and cuddles, and i feel almost honored when she want to be dressed like me or with the same hairstyle! she's everyday more curious and pay so much attention to details! that's something i'm trying to learn from her: slow down and eyes (and ears) open. it's amazing to see the world through her eyes...
her birthday party's theme this year will be "red & white". she's still too young to chose a theme... i guess that everything that involved chocolate and baloons will be fine for her! we'll have two parties: one on 20th of May (her actually birthday) with all our families (except aunt, uncle and cousins.. sig sig...) and one with our friends, so expect a lot of pictures! that’s some ideas i collected in pinterest (thanks!)
i was dreaming about a terrace party but here is raining cats and dogs so... no outside calebration i think!

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