27 set 2012

a visit too short...

i know i already had to write about this... last week my brother-in-law, his wife and our beautiful amazing nephew came to  italy for a two days trip... not to whole days... just two afternoons and evenings... tooooooo short!!!
zoeti had fun with the cousin and she misses him so much! i don't know when you are planning to come back here guys but let it be soon please! we all miss you!!

PS: sorry for the pictures, but my canon just broke so i had to use the iphone... i love it but real pictures are something different!!

26 set 2012

season changeover

the coming of a new season is always a good reason for clean up my wardrobe... it's always full of stuff and, as any woman i know, when it's time to dress my mantra is i have nothing to wear.
so i took advantage of this free day from work for throw away some ruined clothes and give to charities others that i'm not going to wear again.


but now that i have some extra space it's time for shopping again!

24 set 2012

giveaway from "Ché and Fidel"

souce: pinterest

Let's share a wonderful giveaway from a blog i follow: Chè and Fidel.
It's a sakura bloom giveaway...
Check it out here and ... finger crossed!

22 set 2012

bye bye summer

it's time for red and yellow leaves, orange pumpkins and hot green tea... welcome autumn!

18 set 2012


birtday breakfast

 15th of September...
I had a special birthday this year! we spent the day doing shopping and the evening just my husband and me, like sweethearts, for a japanese dinner and movie (the dark knight rises).
it was weird, wait the dinner sitting quietly ...without running or screaming... actually listening to each other while talking about our day! we've decided to take one night alone from time to time!
about the movie... well it's worth it!

13 set 2012

when least expected!

i was looking for a book to read to zoeti in my mom's house a couple of days ago when i found these two books... i remember when my dad's friend gave them to me...they were his daughter's but she was a teenager that time so no longer interested in those books... i tried to found all the other serenella's books but they seemed to be not available...i loved, and still do, the drawings... so 70ish!! plus they teach you how to cook or keep your dresses clean... things that children don't now nowadays, with that retrò allure.
i'm going to keep them for zoeti!!!

are you keeping some of your old books for your little ones?

11 set 2012

last summer days

[shirt: no logo
 skirt: lazzari
 shoes: miss L fire]

i can't believe it's almost time for hot tea and movie nights...

10 set 2012

may i introduce you...

that's mi. bird (aka "tita" - 'cause zoeti knows how to say just this word!). we were very... confused when we chosed the name because we forgot to ask if it's a mister or a miss... that's why the name is mi. i wanted a fish - that's no true... i wanted a dog! but since we can't have a dog right now, i settled to a fish... and i had almost convinced zoeti, but then she saw a bird singing... how can a open-close-soundless fish compete with a singing bird?!
so here we are... the four of us... and it's not bad waking up in the morning with some ... natural music!

7 set 2012

travel with kids to "cinque terre": advices

ok, moms... that's the fact: cinque terre are NOT easy to visit with strollers and kids. we made a mistake going there while zoeti is still so young. for a couple is one of the best and romantic place i've ever seen. you can walk from hamlet to hamlet or take the train from one place to another... the train... that's what i considered wrong! i thought "ok, if there's a train it will be easy to move from one place to another". that's partially true. yes, you can move from town to town, but not inside the town! there are steps everywhere!! every time we reached one place, we saw just the main street and nothing else... no wanderings along small and hidden streets, looking for little tresures.
If you really want to go, plan to visit monterosso (it has a beautiful pathway along the sea and no steps!), vernazza (just a main road goes from the train station to the sea... no steps) and go for the via dell'amore, the romantic pathway between riomaggiore and manarola.

genova is another story. the city is big, and we didn't see it properly but food is amazing even for kids (pasta al pesto is a passepartout) and the aquarium worth a visit! we are still talking about the largest aquarium in italy and the second one in europe, and the structure was designed by renzo piano... not a random one!
we let zoeti free to run from one tank to another and she loves it! we met a mom, waiting for going inside, who told us that she comes to the aquarium once a week with her kid during winter time, just because they can easily spend 3-4 hours and she can let her boy free to play and learn something! my only hint about it is: go during weekdays and not in august (peak season). i've read from the website that it's possible to plan a night inside the aquarium, to discover the habits of the different species. i have to keep that in mind for when zoeti will grow!

for any question about this trip, ask please!

what do you suggest for my next family journey?

that's my iphone medley...


6 set 2012

liguria: genova & cinque terre # 2

day 2: after a really hit and run holiday in genova we arrived to levanto, a small but charming city right outside the cinque terre national park.


day 3: we took the train with the cinque terre card (with it you can take all the trains and buses for the whole day inside the cinque terre area). this day needs a special post, with some advices if you're planning to visit this place with stroller & co.

the cinque terre are five small and charming hamlets, along the west coast of riviera ligure, named monterosso, vernazza, corniglia, manarola and riomaggiore.all this area has been proclaimed heritage of mankind by UNESCO.

along a romantic pathway called via dell'amore






3 set 2012

liguria: genova & cinque terre # 1

here we are... back from a four days trip to genova and cinque terre. i've never been there before and i can say that four days are definetely a short time to that paradise!

day one: genova
at first sight the city seems dark and dirty... indeed it's a normal portual city with an impressive architecture and very friendly citizens! our first stop was by the sea (of course....!) near the famous acquarium and we looked for an hotel (we found a good one, centre located, named Hotel Brignole). we spent the evening wandering for the city centre and we found out the most amazing place to eat a real ligurian dinner: il genovese restaurant... i took some pictures with my iphone... you'll see them in my next instagram set ;)

day two: the acquarium
i'm not a big fan of acquariums... i prefer touching animals rather then just looking at them. but we tought that for zoeti (who knows just the fish sound for now ...) could be a good experience. and we were right! dolphins and pinguins are definetely her favorites (and mine too). going there we passed through an open market; always a good spot! if you are travelling around italy you have to eat all the typical food that you're finding in all the different regions so... we tried the farinata, a typical ligurian food made with chickpea flour: d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

and then we left... destination: cinque terre, with 2 pieces of focaccia genovese in our hands... ça va sans dire!!
[to be continued...]