30 nov 2012

♥ books!

That's what's new from my last amazon wandering... what do you think? any other suggest for Santa's letter?!

26 nov 2012

knitting time!

Zoeti is feeling better but we are still stuck in the house... Do you have any idea of how difficult is to fill the days of an eighteen-months-old?! when she finally goes to sleep i have time to eat (!) and relax. Some years ago i learned how to knit and i love it! i felt odd because it was a granny hobby but after becoming the biggest passion of hollywood stars i took out my knitting needles and began a project for the princess.

it's a tubolar scarf, easy to make and not so easy to take off for zoeti (the best part so she has to wear it while we are walking!). i made also the brooch with felt... another super easy project!

23 nov 2012

when your baby is sick

zoeti is sick since last monday... seems a year! hearing her coughing non-stop day and night breaks my heart...Coming back from the pediatrician yesterday i was thinking about babies and sickness. she had broncospasm on monday and now she has to take antibiotics... too much for an 18-months-old! i work in a hospital but i've never been a pro pills person. we use natural medicines instead but when it comes to zoeti i feel always confused. she too small for some herbs prepared but keep giving her medicine is insane. i want to take her to a pediatrician that uses phytotherapy. a lot of common medicine are based on plants and that's the more natural way to use them... hope to find a way...
do you have any experience in phytotherapy? what do you use when your little ones are sick?

20 nov 2012

a special sunday

8:30 breakfast

homemade apple pie

jesolo beach

a charming cafè
 i love the sea. full stop. and i need to sea and smell the sea at least once every season, included autumn and winter. we spent a wonderful day in a famous sea place near where we live, called jesolo, with some of our closest friends and their beautiful doughter. what else can you ask for a sunday?!
jesolo is famous for its movida during summertime and for one of the longest pedestrian streets in europe, full of shops (3/4 of them closed between october and march - unfortunately!). even pizzerias and restaurants were closed but we found out a very special place to eat and another one to have a coffee...

and after this special day, we had 2 days very hard: zoeti was sick (and still is) so... no sleeping, worries, aerosol therapy every 2 hours... finger crossed for tomorrow!

16 nov 2012

looking for inspiration

Approaching dinner time, the question is always the same: what can i make for dinner? since when i'm a mom the answer is even more difficult because i have to think of something suitable even for zoeti. and it's not because i'm lazy (ok... there's a small part of lazyness in that!) but also because she wants to eat what we are eating. no exceptions. if she finds something different in her plate she pushes the plate away and says gnam gnam looking at my or daddy's food! i've already wrote about my julia child moments here and my organizing tips for weekly meals here. well... now i'm more in a let's-find-out-some-inspiration moment. i'm watching all the cooking programs on tv (italian tv is full of that! thanks gordon ramsay and masterchef!) and i want to share what i've found on web.

what would you do to convince your child to eat vegetables?! that's some funny ideas!

images from this website

some of my favorite websites when i'm looking for some new ideas:

http://www.misya.info/ >> that's what i'm going to try next (italian only)
http://www.la7.it/imenudibenedetta/index.html >> a famous tv program where a nice journalist with a big passion for cooking, cooks 3 or 4 dishes per episode

when i need to see the magic of good food that's where i go:
http://www.cannellevanille.com/ >> because the important thing is not only cook something good, but present it in the right way!
http://simplybreakfast.blogspot.it/ >> good morning world!

source: www.google.dk

mmm... almost dinner time! what are you going to cook this evening? 
[this post was writing around 5 pm... ;) ]

14 nov 2012

shopping and bad mood

back from shopping... or better what was supposed to be shopping! i understand that pregnancy change everything, the bottom part of my eyes will never be pink again, my body will never be the same (if your name is not heidi klum you know what i'm talking about!) but... really we need to see it in a mirror every single time we buy clothes or - worst - lingerie?!? who's the man (or the evil woman) that approve a certain light in the dressing room?!

the result: no shopping and a bad bad mood for the rest of the day!

what's your shopping attitude? if the first thing you try makes you fell horrible do you keep looking for or desist?

11 nov 2012

the pleasure of reading!

when i listened to other moms saying "my little one wants to hear always the same story... hundreds of times... i can't stand it anymore!" i thought they were exagerating... until the last couple of days! zoeti has this crush for a book we bought 3-4 months ago Squash and a Squeeze

  when i ask her to chose a book she always - and i say always!!- bring this one. and she doesn't want to hear the story... she turns the pages until the old lady has to push the cow inside. zoeti loves cows, and the cow sound. she wants just to read those 3-4 pages ... 

what about your kids? what's their favorite book? and if you are not in my situation already, i suggest you to think carefully about which book to read to your little ones because you can find yourself reading the same pages for a very long time!!

4 nov 2012

a rainy sunday

forecast news from the north-east of italy: rain rain and rain!!

after a very heavy week, full of cough and fever (i still don't understand why zoeti brings home from nursery beautiful handworks for grannies and just virus for me!! ), we spent a real homestay weekend, playing together, baking biscuits and watching movies, while outside was raining cats and dogs!

the biscuits recipe comes from a wonderful cooking book, that helps moms to cook healthy meal for kids and the whole family. the writer, Miralda Colombo, has a blog too (il cucchiaino di Alice) - in italian - and wrote this book with amazing pictures (see here).

we are huge Miyazaki fans! we spent sunday afternoon in bed watching the secret world of Arriettywhere Miyazaki is a co-writer, and we loved it! i definitely recommend all Miyazaki movies but this one is so sweet and delicate making it suitable even for young children!