26 feb 2013

my creative corner

as i've already said, i'm still shy to write "creative" and "me" in the same sentence, but i'm trying! We just renovated our bathroom so we had to move this beautiful and vintage cabinet that my uncle gave to me in our studio. i'm still trying to organize this small but indispensable room with gatherers for bills and boxes for photo albums, big boxes for scarves & hats and swimwears, electronical devices and office supplies...
so far we've just shared the cabinet! Giulio is using two shelfs for his toys and souvenirs and i'm using mine for rubber stamps, washi tape and sewing stuff. the cabinet is perfect for zoeti's curiosity: she can see what's inside but she can't reach anything (there's a key!): you know how much toddlers love buttons and colorfull stuff!! I really need to take a trip to the nearest ikea to buy other storage boxes, and something for wrapping papers, maybe something magnetic for scissors and needles... but for now i'm very happy and proud of myself! 

24 feb 2013


"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: it's very difficult to take you a picture these days... you prefer to stay on the other side of the camera!

Me & my belly: 17 weeks

you can see jodi's project here

23 feb 2013

we ♥ books!!

that's what's new in zoeti's library... i'm kind of shopaholic when it comes to books (expecially children's book). i don't remember if i mentioned that we're trying to raise our child as much bilingual as possible (me and Giulio are both italians, born and living in italy). i'm following all the suggestions in this website bilingue per gioco (bilingual for fun - italian only), where the founder tells that it's not fundamental to be mother language to teach another language, but there are other ways. so we're buying just english books and dvds for zoeti and ... hoping for the best! i'll normaly take suggestion for books to buy in that website or here in the blogsphere, but recently i've found out that in england they give a bookstart pack to every child living in the territory (isn't that wonderful!). that's the website. in the site there's a section called book where you can find suggestions for babies, toddlers or preschoolers, and it was so useful for me! i've just bought other books from amazon but i'll told about them after a break-in period..

:: i live in tokyo :: we don't read this book very often... i think it's more suitable for older kids, but i bought it anyway bacause i think it's important for zoeti to know and understand the place where aunty comes from and her cousin is half japanese as well! we've been to japan three years ago (looong time ago!) and i loved it! it was already one of my favorite countries... i love all the tea ritual, the geisha's history, a religion so different from mine and i love sushi!
plus, there is a kind of vocabulary inside... if you want to learn some basic japanese words!

:: cleversticks :: it's another book about diversity and different culture. i think it's important for zoeti to read stories from different countries or with characters from all over the world. italy is slowly becoming an international country: zoeti will be at school with chinese, moroccan, ghanaians, vietnamese and so on and it will be such a great chance for her to discover new languages and habits! in this book a chinese-american boy doesn't want to go to school anymore because he doesn't know to do what the others can. but soon he discovers that using chopsticks is what he can do and others can't.

:: who's like me? ::
:: the game of mix and match :: definetely two of her favorites! there's a lot to do with little hands such as finding new combinations of colors and shapes or discover new animals!

:: how to make an apple pie and see the world :: definetely one of my favorite!! i can't read the whole story to zoeti because she keeps turning pages looking for the cat, the dog, cows, hens, and all the other animals that the protagonist meets along the way! a book about travelling and cooking... the best!!

21 feb 2013


it's been a hard week... we're ri-organizing the house, trying to find more space for stocking stuff and to keep everything on order, since we'll have to restructure one floor of the house. zoeti is sick... again... cough... last night went pretty bad and today i'm in a lack of sleep! my sciatica is driving me crazy and after cleaning the whole house (not alone btw...) i feel destroyed.
but then comes a moment, while your baby is finally sleeping peacefully, you look around yourself and everything is clean, and you decide to have a coffee (decaf... of course!) and a homemade muffin (i made them yesterday and the turned out pretty good!). the only movement that you feel is your little one in the tummy (i've started to fell the movements last week !)outside is snowing (yes... again!) and everything is ..still..

18 feb 2013

3# book review

The last book i've read is La bambina che diceva sempre di sì (original title "Dis oui, Ninon"). I'm not sure if there's a english version, but i bet it's going to be translated as soon as they can.

This book is a little treasure! Ninon is the narrator and she describes her lifes through a nine-years-old eyes. she tries to understand and justify her parents relatioship, the economical difficulty, the love for her little sister, without understand all the situations in the deep, but sometimes teaching us more than an adult. The focus of the book is her decision to live with the father and help him to built a house in the woods.

The Author is Maud Lethielleux and this is her first book.

17 feb 2013


"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: tasting our (i hope!) last snow, waiting for warm and sunny days!
Me & my belly: 16 weeks

You can see Jodi's project here

14 feb 2013

happy lovers day! ♥

if this blog is about what i love, that’s the right day to say “i love you” to a couple of people… i’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day; i prefer surprise dinner when my husband doesn’t expect it but since it’s been a long time since my last surprise, i’ll take advantage of this formal day to say…
i love you! You make me feel complete. If i’m the strong and down-to-earth side, you’re the flying and creative part. The two half of the same apple!
IMG_0409 IMG_0408
and i love you, my little lady! you’re the joy and the chaos and the happiness and the life!

and we already love you, our small bundle of joy! we’re looking forward to see your face, to hold you and to kiss you!

13 feb 2013

maternity doubts

zoeti was 2 weeks old

i'm thinking a lot about maternity these days... being pregnant for the second time makes me feel sometimes impatient and sometimes afraid. it's not only about feeling like "am i be able to love this second like my first kid?" or "how can i give him/her all the attention i gave to his/her sister?" it's also about practical things. zoeti is turning 2 in a four months and if you have a kid at that age you know what it means...whims and crying every ten seconds. but zoeti adds something new (at least for me): she's this way just with me. she's wants daddy for everything and when giulio comes back home she become a kind of little angel always following daddy and sitting on his lap. ok, maybe i'm seeing everything worse than it actually is because maybe i'm a little bit (but just a little..) jelous. come on, i'm the mom! i'm supposed to be the centre of her universe... i know that instead of being so childish i have to thank god that she has a great relationship with her dad, because when we'll have this other baby i'll have to share my attention between both of them and it will not be easy. but right now i can only see her calling daddy to go to sleep and tell me "go away" when i try to help her... and i'm sad..

11 feb 2013

stills: a weekly collection

  Immagine 003
Immagine 006  OLYM2946 OLYM2968 OLYM2970
that’s what happened in our life during last week, according to my iphone…
zoeti’s so cool! // resting at MART // my new sewing project // playing with daddy // the breakfast club // a touch of spring

10 feb 2013


"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: my beautiful chick (carnival costume)
Barbara: 15th week

you can see Jodi project here

6 feb 2013

my first sewing project: lavender sachets

and that's my first sewing project! i'm so proud of it! it's a long time since i asked my mom to teach me to sew... ok, we're still far from create clothes or puppets for my zoeti, but you have to start somewhere right?!

i collected some lavender in september and let it dry in a cold and dark place. i almost forgot about it when i opened the place where it was! i simply love lavender's smell and in order to keep the house the greenest as possible i decided to use it to make some lavender sachets. and that's the sewing part!

now our closets smells right like a green field in september... so dreamy!

5 feb 2013

2# book review

that's the time of a famous polish journalist and writer: Ryszard Kapuściński. i've read Ebano (the english title is "The shadow of the sun").  

it'a a portrait of Africa throughout 40 years; from Ethiopia, to Rwanda, from north to south. every chapter is a story itself, not only of history or landscapes, but of people and way of life.
the idea that you keep in mind when you finish the book is how everything is hot, the difficulty of even breathing, the harshness of life, the feeling that they have to do something (but what?), the dreaming of a new life, the desert and the jungle...

i've been only to south africa, so i've never really seen the real wild one, but when you finish this book you can almost feel and remember the places...

4 feb 2013


"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: happy after the shower
Me: 14th week - 100 days of pregnancy

1 feb 2013

stills: a weekly collection (instagram set)

according to my iphone...

this week i've cooked a lot.... risotto with apples, chicken stuffed with ricotta, pine nuts and basil, baked rainbow trout with tomatoes... we're playing with the potty (not actually training zoeti, but just let her taking confidence) and learned to keep our shoes in order (right zoeti?!)

i have made also pizza but we... forgot to take pictures before eating!