13 mag 2013


Untitled-9 DSC_0325"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"
Zoe Tiare: playing with a puppy. that’s exactly how you are: a little bit shy, almost always happy and smiling, incredibly cute! you need to have mommy & daddy next to you, but when you find out that you can do something by youself, you put always a smile on your face! and we love that smile!!
Me & my belly: 28 weeks. i’m getting huge!! i love the special moments between you two and even if i know there will be whims and jealousies, i’m looking forward to see you two growing together!
last week i loved stella’s portrait in the light (here), little emma and eva and her crown.
thank you jodi!

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  1. Oh Lior loves puppies too. So cute! Your bump is just beautiful, I love what you're wearing!!


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