29 giu 2013

room # 3: the living room

i’ve already showed you our bedroom and zoeti’s bedroom (i still have to update because now she has a big bed…). now it’s time to introduce my living room! we’ve changed some things during the past months: a new sofa cover (i was so tired of that old orange!), an entrance with a place for shoes, coats and guests’ slippers (no shoes allowed in my house!), a new coffee table… now it’s more clean and monocromatic and i really love it! it’s easier to give importance to an object or a book in a neat frame.
giulio created or restored almost everything in our house… it’s the advantage of living with a creative handy-man!

the view from the hallway. you can see also a piece of kitchen, but that’s another story (and another room tour!)


details from the wall and the bookcase. we love to mix vintage & new, and travel memories


our big and comfortable sofa. i swear, everybody falls asleep in this sofa!! the magazine rack and the big lamp are original from 70s.

there are always some zoeti’s toys to give a touch of color here and there! on the other hand montessori said to create a corner for kids in the room where you spend more time and that’s definitely our family room for cuddles, laughing and spending time while mommy is cooking!


our entrance: when ikea meets an original swedish piece of the 40s // one of giulio’s masterpiece: an ipod stereo inside an old vacuum cleaner… isn’t he a genius?!?

the view from the kitchen. the horse is an old toy from south africa.

again from the kitchen // an old furniture that giulio dedicated to me: one side has one of my picture and this one has the s. barbara’s picture that you can see at prado. above his collection of old clocks.

what i love most: BOOKS! i put all the travel guide together to remember all those beautiful moments and awesome adventures we had (and will have!)

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