11 giu 2013

our babymoon

We're on our babymoon or, as we italians say... We're on holiday!! We don't have babymoon in our culture but it's an holiday, the last one before baby's coming, just the three of us... We can call it 'babymoon' right?! 
We decided to come back to the same camping of the past year: Ca savio camping in Ca Savio (you can see my last experience here, here and here). We love this camping and it's always a great choice: Giulio spent here a lot of holidays when he was a child and during the past years we came once a year to visit giulio's aunt, uncle and cousins during their holidays. We can call it our 'family camping'. 
unfortunately these days are not so warm and sunny but we found a lot to do as well!
our plan was to stay in the water without actually get wet…. turns out i’m not a good driver! zoeti was completely wet when i leaded!
washing shells
pro3   DSC_1080
she falls in love with this playground and she’s learning to go to the swing for big kids!
 DSC_1101  watching videos on daddy’s iphone before sleeping

being the three of us is nice but zoeti is always looking for kids to play with! unfortunately we are surronded by germans and dutch so it’s not so easy for her to understand or communicate with them, but they’re kids: give them a ball or a playground and they will best friends for the day! i love that she goes and play with them with no fear, even when they’re older, but i’m so looking forward to see my two littles playing togheter!!

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