4 giu 2013

stills… a perfect sunday

last sunday was nothing less than perfect. we had a baby party with all the zoeti’s pals from nursery school in the morning, we discovered a garden in the centre of the city where we live that i’ve never seen before, and took a ride to the first local feast of the season. in the evening i was deeply tired but zoeti had a lot of fun and spend some time as a family with no worries such as cleaning or cooking is so precious!

DSC_0910baby partyDSC_0923

my little butterfly!


DSC_0938she absolutely loved the place chosen for the nursery school party! and the teachers have painted the faces of almost every kid! we definitely have to keep in mind the place for the long, cold, rainy winter!foto

in the afternoon we discovered a secret garden right in the centre of our city (ok… it’s not so secret, but it’s always closed! find it open was a fluke!)

foto (1)  and in the evening we joined a local feast for a horse race!

as i said… a perfect sunday!

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