24 giu 2013



"a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: this week your granpa has turned 60 years! since then you never stop singing happy birthday to everybody! we’ll have a lot of celebrations during the next month: not only a big party for the birthday, but on the 1st of july he’ll be retired! and, of course, a new entry in our family… Happy birthday daddy! 
Me & my belly: 34 weeks. that’s exactly how i feel: on a swing. one moment i’m happy and positive, and the other i panic and feel scared about delivery, living with two small kids, baby’s health…
My favorites last week are: Lu’s portrait, Bo and bubbles and this amazing picture of 4 siblings!
Jodi’s project here

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  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks so much for leaving a lovely comment on my portrait from last week. It's lovely to have found your blog.

    These Portraits are gorgeous - what a special occasion to have your daughter with her Grandpa and look at you not he swing! Hugest Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope it all goes well.

    Take care!

    Mel x


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