20 giu 2013

camping – part III

last days at Cà Savio camping… and we’re so sad! actually 10 days are enough but we didn’t have the chance to experiment all that the camping as to offer! the animation is incredible and they have activities for kids and for adults (zoeti loves the happy disco!). there are zumba, yoga, aqua-gym, and kids manual activities during the morning and the afternoon. those guys are tireless (go ale!!)!
that's some pictures…


monday morning i woke up around 6.30 and couldn't sleep... so i decided to go to the beach. so peaceful! a little moment just for me and my littlest one... talking, breathing and singing!

you are my dancing queen... she loves happy disco!!

playing minigolf... zoeti style!

tendernesses in the swimming pool ♥

i remembered this vacation as:  the first one in a bungalow for me (we booked the bungalow 1° fila... great choice!), the potty training with few incidents... per day!, you calling nonno (granpa) every single guy over the age of 20 and being scared of them, you learnt how to spit the water in the swimming pool (the classic fontain), your attention for details (expecially when it comes to dresses... we're girls after all!), you learnt to get off the bed by yourself and reach mommy and daddy's bed noiselessly (until you start snoring!) and learnt how to put on sandals all by your self!

we had so much fun as a family of three and i'm more than ready to become a family of four in a month!

one last thing.... thank you Elisa & Silvia for the opportunities!! that was the first "reward" to my blog!!

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  1. We're happy if you had fun and the chance to relax.
    Good luck with the little baby :-) let us know!
    Silvia and Elisa


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