15 giu 2013

maternity toughts

you were always be a daddy girl, even during my pregnancy: you began to move when you heard daddy’s voice! and daddy is still your hero, your buddy, your everything! sometimes i’m happy to see how much you love each other and i’m proud of the man i married! he’s a great dad, even if he’s often more a playmate than the adult between you two!
but sometimes it’s difficult to see your special relationship from outside, without living it from inside… during a normal week daddy is at home around 7pm so we had the whole afternoon to play and i have the sensation that it’s right that you give him all the attentions when he’s home. but now that we’re on holiday it’s … different…. you’re with daddy 24/7 and we don’t have a girlish moment just for the two of us.
of course that’s just a perception. the true is that you play with daddy but you want the same nail colour as me, you look at me while i dress saying “that’s nice” and you want to wear my make up to look as me… and if i wear a hat or sunglasses tale (as you call yourself) wants the same. and i smile! you’re growing so fast and i want to enjoy every single moment, from inside and from outside!

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