16 giu 2013


Zoe Tiare: there’s a lovestory between this little girl and icecreams… believe me! and what’s an holiday without icecream?!
Me and my belly: you know what? i’m proud of my 33 weeks belly, even if it comes with gigantic thighs, flabby arms and a big butt! and it’s not easy to say that on holiday when around you there are in-shape mothers or girls in their twenties… but here i am, wearing a bikini and playing with my daughter inside and outside the water!
my favorite portraits of the past week are: this one of a beautiful girl and her great granny, Chloe playing with the sand (maybe because she reminds me my little one with those curly hair!),Gus and wildflowers.
Joining Jodi’s project.

4 commenti:

  1. What beautiful portraits this week, love the shot of you and your belly, you look amazing!

    Thank you for sharing my portrait from last week, I feel so honored!

  2. Aww, thank you for sharing my picture, that's really lovely : )
    And my goodness, you look amazing!! I wish I had looked that great pregnant, what a beautiful bump.
    Thank you again, lovely to find your blog xx


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