27 giu 2013

someone new is at our house...

do you know who it is?
it's our....


ok, maybe i've read too many times the joanna cole's book "i'm a big sister" because i know it word to word, but let me introduce you... peppa the dog! zoeti has chose the name of course and i hope the dog would never suffer of identity crises having the name of a pig! let me say first that tecnically it's my father's dog: she lives with my parents and it's a retirement present that we give to him. but if you'd see zoeti and peppa together ... well they're already big friends!!

i used to have a dog when i was little and i have always loved dogs. i was super excited when my daddy called me saying "ask zoe which could be the name of our new dog!". i think it's important for a kid grow with animals. i'm lucky because we live where it's not difficult to see cows, sheeps, bees, different kind of birds and even deer (if you're lucky). but having a dog to play with is magical. and even if they know each other since just a week they're always together: if zoeti runs peppa runs, if zoeti falls peppa comes in no time to give her "a kiss"... the most funny thing is when peppa steals our shoes and zoeti asks to have them back!

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  1. This is so cool to have a pet! Now we are in a house, i'm thinking of getting a cat! Bambolotta is crazy about them!

    1. i think it's very important for a kid growing with a pet. they can learn the respect for animals and there's such an empathy between babies and puppies!


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