1 lug 2013



DSC_1952DSC_1955   "a portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Zoe Tiare: 86cm! definitely you’ve grown while we were on holiday!! it’s getting difficult to chose just one picture of you every week!

Me & my belly: 35 weeks! i love living this second experience with one of my closest friend - Chiara! she’s just one month behind (i know that i look over-pregnant compared to her, but she was always been so skinny!) so we can share almost everything. as i have already written there are other two friends of mine waiting for their first child (i’m the “expert” of the group!) and sometimes i think about his/her first birthday… with all those babies almost same age… it will be crowded but so funny!

my fav of the past week are: Chloe with his daddy, Audrey waiting for her daddy and this b/w phone picture by still moving swiftly.

joining in with jodi’s 52 project

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  1. ahaha! indeed, on the first picture, your friend doesn't look pregnant! I have a friend exactly the same, she looked 4-months pregnant when she was ready to give birth!
    Anyway, you look great!


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