3 ago 2012

room # 1: zoeti's bedroom

i want to show you my house, one room at time. when i got married i was so busy organizing the wedding and home decor was not one of my passion. giulio was (and still is) the genious of the house, the one who creates everything from old and broken stuff and the one with a deep depp passion in furniture & co.
but since then i've started reading some of his books and read newspapers which were subscribers and i'm creating my very own style.

my tour of the house begins from the room that i feel MINE the most: zoeti's bedroom. it holds everything i love: white & blue colors, some romantic touch, a cozy atmosphere... the white woodwork and the blue stripes wallpaper (filling two walls) are the best part!

from the door

her best friend... arturo!

a touch of... ikea! giulio has renovated the dresser in the background with some disney's pictures 

vintage and new chime

guess who made the writing?!

english books & italian books

i simply love her closet! it used to be in a school 

while i look at these pictures i'm thinking that i desperately need a wide agle!

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