24 ago 2012

download day...

one of my favorite magazines (glamour) has always a special attention of what is new on the apple store. this month issue suggests some new application (free) that i decided to download and try.

#1 kayak: it's a travel app to find out flights and hotel. as you know my biggest passion - besides family - is travel. i didn't had the chance to use this app for now, but at first sight and reading the ratings seems a must-have application!

#2 eurban link: it's a social guide for exploring cities where you can share your advices and tips.

#3 metro: it's a free guide to public transport systems worldwide. big cities are not easy to see with your own car so we often chose public transports... that's a big help!

now it's time to find out something for zoeti, to keep her busy, that teaches her something and possibly in english (we're still trying to have some english moments along the day to introduce her to the english language). any suggestions?

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