31 lug 2012

trieste with kids

as i mentioned this post will be about some trieste advice if you are planning to visit it with kids, stroller and co.
a couple of days is really a short time to write about a city as big as trieste but i have some advices that could be useful...
if you are planning to visit st. giusto castle remember that there are a lot of stairs! zoeti was sleeping in the stroller so we had to lift the stroller up and down the floors to see the castle and see the walkways around it alternately.
you can't go inside miramare's castle with strollers (again zoeti was sleeping so we had to wake her up and she wasn't that happy!).
the place where we stopped by for lunch (zoe food) was very nice and relaxing, with games for kids, a vegetarian and organic menu and a small food shop inside. i definetly recommend it! zoeti is starting with adult food (small pieces of everything) and she's very curious about food - she tries almost everything. here you can find food that you can easily give to a kid and with a good quality.

do you have anything to suggest about trieste?

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