28 ago 2012

that time of the year...

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today is my last day of work... in a hospital... that hospital where i've worked the last 7 years...
on the 5th of september i'll start working on a new hospital, close where i live, changing collegues and department...

that's ... scary!! i wanted to change my work place: it was too far from home and i always feel like a waste of time the hours that i spent driving. but that day is now and now i'm scared! it's funny: i've always thought that "september as a new begining" was just school related. it's quite strange feeling like a student waiting her first day of school but that's exactly how i feel.

it's better think of the whole week that i'll spend on holiday with giulio and zoeti... we're planning to visit genova, cinque terre and portofino. i've never been to liguria before so i'm quite curious. i'll tell you how is it going on my next post... in the meantime do you have any tips to share?

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