30 ago 2012

let's go!

i love love love visit a new place... but i hate hate hate packing!!! this afternoon was all about ironing, cleaning, and packing... choosing outfits is not that complicate: i always understimate the cold but this time i've packed some autumnal shirts and pants as well as summer clothes (it's still august for God sake!!).
but ... shoes!! let's talk about it! i'm not one of that woman with thousands of shoes (unfortunately) and i'm not shoes addicted (Carrie Bradshaw style). but the truth is that every outfits has its own pair of shoes and it's a waste of time chose your dress carefully and match it with a wrong pair of shoes - don't you think?

so... the main luggage is ready. yes, i've said "the main" luggage, because there's also the baby stroller bag, a toys bag and a cooler to prepare! and this time i've chosen not to carry a drugs bag: it's just 4 days... plus, i've found this article about how you can use some common foods to solve trivial health problems... do not expect the revelation of the century, just some common-sense advices.

ok... time to sleep...but before leaving i want just to say one more thing: welcome Carlo!!he's the baby boy of one of my dearest and oldest friends... we're very happy to have you in our... family!!

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