9 ago 2012

country life

and finally my parents are on holiday! i'm happy for them and... for me too! they love spending time with zoeti so it's a great help leaving my kid to them from time to time! last week zoeti was sick :( she had an attack of bronchospasm followed by cough and fever so she didn't go to the nursery. luckily i worked during the weekends so i was free during the week and we moved to a beautiful tiny house that my parents have on a hill near where we live.
the place is charming... it belonged to my granpa but my daddy renovated a lot of stuff! he made a big swing for zoeti (but adults love it too!!) and they have a vegetable garden (organic and good vegetables for the whole family) and some fruit trees. and the view is something!! plus... it's almost 3-4 degrees less than here where i live, with a fabulous breeze...

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