21 ago 2012

full time, part time, no time!

it's my coffee break (one of my coffee breaks actually..) and i found this article "new mums happier with a full-time job" (italian article here) the main idea is that coming back soon to a full-time job right after the childbirth improve your mental and phisical skills, according to the Denver American Sociological Association . 

the italian situation right now is that you can stay home for 3 months after the childbirth, getting 100% of your salary, then other 6 months at 30% , and other 3 months with no salary (this was my case, as a worker in the public section).  it's far from the sweden and norway standard: 12 months at 80% and fathers at home (mandatory) for the first 4 weeks...

i don't know with who the ASA had talked, but as a new mom i have to say that babies NEED  to stay with moms and moms NEED to stay with the babies. the first years is all about creating a relationship that is not as natural as everybody thinks: a baby needs to understand what a mom is and a woman doesn't became a mom just with a birth. you need to know each other and to learn from each other how to manage this new situation. 

i came back to work when zoeti was 9 months... too soon. and, my dear researchers, what about the happiness when your kid calls the baby sitter mom? or when she falls down and goes to grandma to be consoled? i know that sometimes is hard staying 24/7 with kids (even if they are the light of your eyes) because they need attention and you can't go for a coffee break from time to time... and i know as well that working is important and most of the people invests a lots of years to create a career...
but still... if i'll have the chance, in the future, to work part-time or get a home-staying job.... well that would be perfect!!

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  1. Perfettamente in accordo con te! Personalmente ho sofferto molto per il distacco e credo anche io che siamo veramente troppo piccoli a 9 mesi e il primo-secondo anno un momento troppo importante per separarsi per tutto il giorno! Che vuoi farci siamo in Italia!


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