17 ago 2012


virgo - organizing is what you like most: making lists and lists, put everything in the right place, create a time schedule for all your days - until you have a kid and a full time job! but you know... if it is in your DNA you can try to ignore it but not for so long. and that's what i did with my need of organize everything. it's a good think not to control everything, it adds some spontaneity to your life. but when spontaneity means piles of dirty clothes or eating pizza three times in a week ... well...we have a problem!

in internet i found out something that helped me to control at least the food-situation: it's an easy pdf to plan everyday's meals and the weekly shop. i just modified it a little bit to better suit my situation. the original version come from babygreen.
that's mine: weekly planning. i liked the original version for the "seasonal products" part, which is eco-friendly and ... money-friendly! and i had a "baby" section because zoeti doesn't eat all we eat so sometimes i still need to prepare something just for her...

it's time to fill my list! bye bye

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