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liguria: genova & cinque terre # 1

here we are... back from a four days trip to genova and cinque terre. i've never been there before and i can say that four days are definetely a short time to that paradise!

day one: genova
at first sight the city seems dark and dirty... indeed it's a normal portual city with an impressive architecture and very friendly citizens! our first stop was by the sea (of course....!) near the famous acquarium and we looked for an hotel (we found a good one, centre located, named Hotel Brignole). we spent the evening wandering for the city centre and we found out the most amazing place to eat a real ligurian dinner: il genovese restaurant... i took some pictures with my iphone... you'll see them in my next instagram set ;)

day two: the acquarium
i'm not a big fan of acquariums... i prefer touching animals rather then just looking at them. but we tought that for zoeti (who knows just the fish sound for now ...) could be a good experience. and we were right! dolphins and pinguins are definetely her favorites (and mine too). going there we passed through an open market; always a good spot! if you are travelling around italy you have to eat all the typical food that you're finding in all the different regions so... we tried the farinata, a typical ligurian food made with chickpea flour: d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

and then we left... destination: cinque terre, with 2 pieces of focaccia genovese in our hands... ça va sans dire!!
[to be continued...]

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