11 ott 2013

let’s talk about it!

After a couple of months as mother of two, it's time to sum....
Being a mom is my dream since when I was young. I know I'd never become a painter or a scientist, but I so wanted to have a family, and kids... At least three! My dream included always happy faces, clean hands, delicious dinner and tons of kisses. Now the reality is different!
This week zoeti was sick so she stayed at home (normally she goes to the kindergarten three days per week) and I have had a taste of a full time mom life!
And it's hard! God it's so hard!
If you can survive the mornings routine (i'll share mine in another post soon!) you are safe! But breastfeeding while taking care of a sick toddler can be scary, and overwhelming, and stressful. Afternoons are quite easy: zoeti sleeps from 1 to 4pm so I have plenty of time for taking care of alma. Almost all the blogs I follow are written by moms and looking that pictures with clean, well dressed kids, playing and having fun, can be frustrating. Then I realized that my family is maybe not always so cool or fancy, that sometimes I have to dress zoeti with pink & red because I forgot to do the laundry ( or I didn't have time!) and I have no clean dresses, and peppa pig is my best friend. But then something happen... zoeti plays quietly alone in her room, alma sleeps for more than ten minutes, i can actually cook a real dinner, and everything become so easy!
foto (5)
I took this picture last Wednesday: I was reading a book to zoeti while alma was playing and looking at us. There were laughs and love… That day has been soooo perfect! But I have also understood one thing: being a mom is all about imperfection, lessons to learn and teach, unexpected moments. I love to see those beautiful pictures of dreamy families but I love more the way mine is!

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