21 ott 2013

b-hobo bag review

It took me seven months to chose a camera bag!in Italy you can't find cute, girly camera bag so I took advantage of a recent trip of Giulio's parents to USA to buy one. I was undecided between Kelly Moore, Epiphanie and Jo Totes.
I watched every review I found on YouTube and read every blog post talking about it and then I chose: B-hobo in walnut.
I love the material, the color, the inside and most of all the fact that it looks like a normal bag! I was tired of all that camera bags clearly thought for men, always black or grey, and in Italy you can find only that type.
That's where Internet comes!
What about the inside color? I love it!,
The two straps are very useful: when I'm alone with the girls I use the cross-body one while normally I use the one for the shoulder.Untitled-4 Untitled-3
I hold my camera with the 85/1.8 always attached (since it's the lens I usually use) but I keep also the 18-80 (maybe it's time for a wide angle!), some personal items (iphone, wallet…) and there’s still room for some baby clothes and a couple of diapers.
Untitled-5DSC_1875and looks great even on a child!!  zoeti loves mommy’s bag!

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  1. i really like the Kelly Moore bags...maybe i'll ask this to Babbo Natale! ;-)


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