7 ott 2013


DSC_1757 copiaDSC_1766cp  "a portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2013"
Zoe Tiare: testing your sister’s games. i can see some kind of jealousy lately… which  is normal. every toy alma receives is yours and you want to do everything she does. but so far you are still the most kind and loving big sister i have ever seen!
Alma Aiko: your rebel hair and those ears make me always smile!
my favorite last week are: Zaden portrait by dearest lou and the light and the beautiful face in kate’s photo.
Taking part in Jodi's weekly portrait series

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  1. Ciao Barbara!!!
    Che bello trovare il tuo commento!!! :)
    E congratulazioni per le tue due meraviglie!!! :)
    Buona giornata!


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