16 ott 2013

dear juliet… one day in verona

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dear juliet,
my name is barbara. don’t worry… i’m not writing because i have love troubles: my sentimental situation is a bed of roses! i’m so lucky!
i’m writing to you because i just spent a beautiful day in your city, verona, with my kids, a day dedicated to you. we visited your house (and… sorry… touched your breast as tradition wants!)
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we ate delicious italian specialities (bruschette), have espressos, took pictures.
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we visited also your grave, in a spectacular cloister.
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>> the first time we saw restorers at work! << Untitled-8 Untitled-10Untitled-9 
we had fun in your city, juliet… and i just wanted to let you know that!
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>> in the municipal library, trying to find a book about romeo & juliet (but zoeti preferred this one!) <<Untitled-12 DSC_2022

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  1. Barbara!
    You had such a wonderful family!!
    I really like this post about Verona!I live in Padua! :))

    1. thank you! next time we'll come to Padua!


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