31 ott 2013

four simple goals before 2014

one of my favorite blog A beautiful mess posted about this challenge: 4 simple goals for these last two months. as they said these goals has to create healthy, life-enriching habits during the busiest time of the year.
I’m the laziest person in the world in many ways so i want to take the challenge with my four goals:
1. did i mention that I’m lazy?! walking with the girls and my husband give us the chance to talk, have fun, do something together… and exercise! only pros, no cons!
2. I’m one of those person that throw herself headlong in a new project, but loses interest after a while. i have at least three unfinished project and i have to complete them. it’s a weight that i don’t want with me in 2014!
3. it’s easy to find some time to spend alone with alma; i sing to her while i’m changing her diaper or we play while zoeti  is at the kindergarten. but finding some time to spend alone with zoeti seems impossible. she’s a daddy-girl but sometimes she needs her mom too and i really want to create a relatioship between us (before adolescence!). daddy is the one that plays with her and i’m the one that says “one minute please” or “i have to change/breastfeed alma”. it’s not easy for me and definitely not easy for her. So at least once per week i want to spend a couple of hours with her alone… just the two of us!
4. i want to read this book and i already know that meat is something we should try to avoid. but make tasty vegetable for a two years old is not easy! i want to learn more about vegetarian cooking and use more legumes instead of meat.

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  1. What a good idea for a challenge! I really need to work on finishing my projects as well. I get very excited to begin them, but lose interest quickly and then never get it done. I really should make an effort to finish a few of these things.


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