24 lug 2013


waiting is not my forte, i know. these last weeks of pregnancy are driving me crazy! during my last visit the doctor said that my body is more than ready for the birth and i can feel that. but the baby seems to be not! rationally i know that my due date is the 1st of august but .... i was kind of deceived that he/she would be born earlier.
in the meantime i try to keep my mind busy.
i'm finishing a knitting project that i'll post about as soon as i can.
i've thought that look at some pictures of zoeti when she was newborn can feel her less jelous of her new brother or sister so i'm creating a photobook for her. i didn't choose the best pictures (i have other photobook for that) but the meaningful ones: where she used to sleep, i breastfeeding her, she with grannies, her first toys, all the funny faces that a newborn does... i'm sure that she will love the book because she loves to look at pictures but i'm not sure it will be useful for the jelousy... i'll let you know!
when i was pregnant with zoeti i bought a diary and started writing on it when i was in my 4th month of pregnancy. it's a kind of long letter about my dreams about her future, funny things she make, all the new things she learn. it's more personal than this blog and the idea is to give it to her for her 18th birthday. of course i've done the same with this pregnancy! so another way to spend my time during this waiting is to keep their diaries updated.

but it's hard staying away from all those blogs about pregnancy, trying to understand if your last symptoms can be a good sign of imminent delivery or not! and i'm everyday more hungry, and big... and these last weeks have been very hot here so my feet and my hands are swollen... but above all i'm impatient to start this new adventure in four!!

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  1. sei nei nostri pensieri :-)
    in bocca al lupo!
    Silvia ed Elisa

  2. my brother and his wife just had their baby last night! it was planned for friday. Her first delivery was very difficult. For this one, her water broke just after dinner and 3 hours later, the baby was there! it can happen in a few hours! now, wait and see! ;-)

    1. i have my finger crossed for today! it's a special day for me: before the establishment of the granparent's feast in october, today was the day of the best wishes to granparents...


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